Liberec – Kladno 1:3 (end)
Bílí Tygři Liberec
1:3 (0:2, 1:0, 0:1)
Rytíři Kladno
Sunday 21.10.2012, 17:00Tipsport extraliga (CZE)
    Goal for Kladno!

    You could see this one coming with the way the third period has gone. Kladno's Eberle finally cashes in on an open chance in front.
    Goal for Liberec!

    Nedved got the front of the net and deflected the puck home. No chance for the save once Nedved got his stick on it. Had heavy screen set up even if he hadn't deflected it.

    Goal for Kladno!

    Soft goal allowed by Pinc. Patera won the draw initially. Liberec defender gained control and poked the puck out to the point. A long, unscreened shot by Kaberle beat the goaltender to make it 0-2 score. Because Liberec lost the puck, it's an unassisted goal.
    Goal for Kladno!
    Scorer is ŽIDLICKÝ. Assistant Patera.

    Bill Meltzer

    Goals and assists: 29. Nedvěd (Bulíř) - 4. Židlický (Patera), 12. T. Kaberle, 52. Eberle (Melka, Valský)

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