France2 – Italy veterans 6:4 (end) | Germany2 – xxx 5:6 (end) | Australia – Czech Republic B 0:8 (end)
Germany2 – Czech Republic 4:10 (end) | France2 – Australia 19:1 (end) | Italy veterans – Czech Republic B 3:2 (end)
Czech Republic – Slovakia2 7:4 (end)
4:10 (1:4, 3:6)
Czech Republic
Friday 23.05.2014, 14:00 • Eden • Inline Hockey Masters World Cup
    The Czech team managed to defeat a newcome. They were controlling the game quite well except for a few mistakes which the Germans used to score 4 goals. (15:36:01)
    Game over.
    Goal for Team Czech Republic!
    MARTIN MECERA makes the score look better for his team when he scores a beautiful long distance shot. No assistance.
    Goal for Team Germany!
    The Czech goalkeeper was almost at the half of the field but with a help of Walter KARSTEN RANDALL scored a goal for his country. Assistance: Daniel Walter.
    Stehlik tried a fast volley but it went outside of the goal.
    Goal for Team Czech Republic!
    MILAN BLAHA surprised Philipp with a long shot. Beautiful action from the Czech team. No assistance.
    Mikeska tried to surprise the german goalkeeper but he was ready.
    Goal for Team Czech Republic!
    After a shot of Schubert KAREL PLASEK found the reflected puck and scored a goal from a very close range. Assistance: Ronald Schubert.
    The Germans were controlling the puck for a longer time but they've lost it now.
    The Czechs are trying to make the score even better for them but they're not succesful in the final execution.
    Tomas Würtherle tried a long shot but Philipp seems to be ready for those shots and he saves his team.
    The Germans are calling for a time out.
    Goal for Team Czech Republic!
    The Czechs are showing their qualities once again. ONDREJ HERMAN scores a beautiful goal. No assistance.
    Joudal was very close to scoring another goal.
    Goal for Team Czech Republic!
    KAREL PLASEK makes the goal difference a bit better for his team. No assistance.
    Goal for Team Germany!
    UDO SOFLAN did exactly the same as before. No assistance.
    Germany is full as well.
    Joudal is back in the game.
    Goal for Team Germany!
    UDO SOFLAN escaped from the Czech deffenders and shot with a beautiful forehand. No assistance.
    Mario Breneizeris (GER) is penalized for hooking.

    Jan Franek

    Goals and assists: 20. Breneizeris (Walter), 28. Soflan, 32. Soflan, 40. Randall (Walter) – 11. Joudal (Suhrada), 15. Balazs (Würtherle), 17. Koudelka, 18. Herman (Suhrada), 23. Joudal, 32. Plasek, 33. Herman, 36. Plasek (Schubert), 38. Blaha, 40. Mecera

    Germany2: Philipp – Randall, Krill, Walter, Breneizeris, Schiff, Weber, Soflan, Kadow
    Czech Republic: Salficky – Mecera, P. Würtherle, T. Würtherle, Koudelka, Suhrada, Jindrak – Stehlik, Balazs, Herman, Joudal, Schubert, Blaha, Plasek, Mikeska

    Referees: Favero, Colcuc