France2 – Italy veterans 6:4 (end) | Germany2 – xxx 5:6 (end) | Australia – Czech Republic B 0:8 (end)
Germany2 – Czech Republic 4:10 (end) | France2 – Australia 19:1 (end) | Italy veterans – Czech Republic B 3:2 (end)
Czech Republic – Slovakia2 7:4 (end)
19:1 (12:0, 7:1)
Friday 23.05.2014, 16:00 • Eden • Inline Hockey Masters World Cup
    We've seen not a very balanced match. France was dominating whole match and they received only one goal. Australian team cannot leave this match with a good feelings. Losing 19:1 is a bad thing. They didn't almost had a chance. French team was just too strong. (17:25:25)
    Game over.
    Goal for Team France!
    PAUL FAYAULT scores one more goal for his team. Assistance: Denis Collet.
    Goal for Team France!
    FREDERIC HOSTEIN scores a goal for his team, beautiful shot. Assistance: Laurent Spinetti.
    Goal for Team France!
    Another goal for France. EMMANUEL LESEUR is the man to score it. Assistance: Laurent Johais.
    Laruelle had to interfere when Gainer tried to surprise him with a long distance shot.
    Goal for Team France!
    BENJAMIN DESROCHES scores a 16th goal of French team. Assistance: Francois Gleise.
    Schuettpelz had a huge chance but he misses the goal from quite an easy position.
    Goal for Team France!
    French team quickly answers to the first goal of Australia. FREDERIC GUIHEUX scores another goal for his team. Assistance: Laurent Johais.
    Goal for Team Australia!
    Finally the Australian team scores a goal. MIKE GAINER is the man who scores the first goal of his team. Assistance: Michael Barker.
    Players on both teams are penalized – Leseur (FRA) and Schuettpelz (AUS).
    Goal for Team France!
    A second goal of this half scores DENIS COLLET. Assistance: Benjamin Desroches.
    Goal for Team France!
    LAURENT SPINETTI is the man who opens the score in the second half. No assistance.
    French fans were already cheering but Ostein's shot only hit the outside of the goal.
    Guiheux hits only the bar of the goal.
    Frischer saved his team with a great jump when he was alone against two players.
    The French team is still dominating the match but it isn't such a shooting machine as it was in the first half. They're trying to combinate more.
    Johais' shot goes a bit too high.
    The second half starts, as expected, with a domination of the French team which makes combinations at Australian half of the field.
    Start of 2nd half.

    Jan Franek

    Goals and assists: 1. Guiheux (Desroches), 2. Leseur (Reigner), 4. Ostein (Spinetti), 6. Desroches (Fayault), 6. Fayault (Desroches), 7. Reigner (Johais), 8. Ostein (Spinetti), 12. Leseur (Johais), 13. Spinetti (Ostein), 14. Desroches (Gleise), 15. Johais (Guiheux), 18. Leseur (Johais), 27. Spinetti, 27. Collet (Desroches), 32. Guiheux (Johais), 34. Desroches (Gleise), 37. Leseur (Johais), 38. Hostein (Spinetti), 39. Fayault (Collet) – 31. Gainer (Barker)

    France2: Laruelle (Voyenau) – Garcia, Gleise, Hostei, Leseur, Richard – Desroches, Fayault, Guiheux, Johais, Ostein, Spinetti, Reigner
    Australia: Frischer (21. Ducommun) – Kremer, Stow, Barker, Dawson, Gainer, Schuettpelz, Adams, Midgley, Sutton, Voss