USA – Russia 4:2 (end) | Sweden2 – Canada2 4:3 (end) | Slovakia2 – Finland 1:5 (end)
Czech Republic – Switzerland 4:3 (2:0 after SO)
after shootout (2:0)
Czech Republic
4:3 (0:3, 1:0, 2:0 - 0:0)
Tuesday 06.08.2013, 19:00Hlinka Gretzky Cup
    Thank you for your attention, the Ivan Hlinka Memorial commences tommorrow with final day of group stage. (21:23:48)
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    Two goals down 58 seconds before the end of the third period, the Czech Republic eventually grabs hold of two points out of the game after a hectic last minute of the third period and confident shootout victory for the home team. The crowd is on their feet.
    Game over.
    Team Czech Republic wins after shootout!
    The decisive penalty is scored by JAKUB VRANA.
    CZE3 – Karabacek aims precisely towards the left post and Czechs win the game.
    SUI2 – Malgin leaves Vanecek on the ice, but somehow hits his outstretched glove.
    CZE2 – Pastrnak is slow coming at the net and his forhand deke is stopped by Descloux.
    SUI1 – Suter's wristshot is parried by Vanecek. No goal.
    CZE1 – Vrana makes a great Forsberg-like move and sends the crowd out of their seats – 1:0.
    Start of shootout.
    The ice is almost ready for the shootout, both teams are about to decide about their shooters.
    Overtime finished.
    Time is running out for both teams. Shootout is about to decide the winner.
    Karabacek's wristshot is quick and surprising, but Descloux has his pad in the right place.
    Pyrochta almost goes from hero to zero as he makes a bad pass in his own zone, but Switzerland fails to take advantage.
    Zacha attempts a wristshot from the right crease, Descloux saves well.
    Vrana and Pastrnak combine in the offensive zone, but no dangerous shot heads in the way of Descloux.
    Overtime began.
    Incredible end to the game got the crowd going and Czechs now have a chance to decide the game in overtime.

    Lukáš Peroutka

    Goals and assists: 30. Vrana, 60. Jenys (Zacha), 60. Pyrochta (Jenys), rozh. náj. Vrana – 3. Trisconi (Ritz), 14. Riat (Meier), 14. Fiala (Malgin)

    Czech Republic: Pechek (14. Vanecek) – Pyrochta, Zbořil, Pýcha, Mašín, Zahradníček, Mikliš, Ščotka, Matula – Karabáček, Zacha, Kotala, Vopelka, Partrňák, Vrána, Veselý, Kovarčík, Jenyš, Švarc, Kuťák, Černoch
    Switzerland: Descloux (Fehr) – Klopfer, Harlacher, Siegenthaler, Karrer, Maurer, Kindschi, Gurtner – Schläpfer, Riat, Suter, Meier, Rod, Malgin, Fiala, Kessler, Privet, Schmidli, Meyer, Ritz, Trisconi

    Referees: Frano, Hodek – Lhotsky, Svoboda

    Attendance: 530