Russia – Finland 7:3 (end) | Canada2 – Switzerland 4:3 (2:0 after SO) | Slovakia2 – USA 2:5 (end)
Czech Republic – Sweden2 5:2 (end)
Czech Republic
5:2 (1:0, 2:0, 2:2)
Wednesday 07.08.2013, 19:00Hlinka Gretzky Cup
    Game over. (21:05:04)
    Goal for Team Czech Republic!
    LUKAS VOPELKA shoots the puck from his own zone and into the empty net to secure their berth in the semifinals.
    Swedish net is empty.
    Swedes continue to push: Timashov on the doorstep but Vanecek covers.
    Another icing call against the Czechs.
    Icing Czech Republic.
    Puck deflected out of play in the Swedish zone, faceoff inside.
    Goal for Team Czech Republic!
    Just after the first penalty ended but before Forsling could get back into the play, the puck was teed up for a slapper from DAVID PASTRNAK, who beat Soderstrom high to the blocker side. Assist: Filip Pyrochta
    And on the counterattack, Adrian Kempe takes a tripping penalty on the backcheck. 5 on 3.
    The Swedes almost score shorthanded, Franzen to Kempe but a huge save by Vanecek!
    Now the Czechs threaten and Gustav Forslund is called for holding. If nothing else, the Czechs want to use this advantage to curb the Swedish momentum.
    Goal for Team Sweden!
    They're coming alive now and the Czechs seem to be fatiguing. A beautiful shot by WILLIAM NYLANDER ALTELIUS brings the Swedes to within a goal on the power play, and it looks like we're in for quite a finish.
    Off the draw, Vaclav Karabacek dumps a Swede and gets called for tripping. The Swedes want to build on their momentum here.
    Andersson shoots from the slot but it's blocked and deflects out of play. Faceoff in the Czech zone.
    Icing Sweden.
    Goal for Team Sweden!
    A bit of life for Sweden. Timashov centered in front to OSKAR LINDBLOM, who had all the time in the world to pick the corner. Swedes are on teh board but they need more. Assist: Dmytro Timashov.
    The penalty is killed and play is stopped. Jiri Cernoch blocked a shot on that kill and was hurt but kept at it though he was in obvious pain. He collapsed on the ice when the whistle went and was helped off to a huge ovation.
    Pavel Jenys with a big clear, Swedes start back.
    Nylander with a couple of chances, stopped once, shoots wide the next time.
    Another shorthanded chance for Sweden and Jakub Zboril takes a tripping penalty. We'll have 4 on 4 for :08

    Derek OBrien

    Goals and assists: 16. Pastrnak (Pyrochta), 21. Zboril (Pastrnak), 40. Svarc (Vesely, Kovarcik), 57. Pastrnak (Pyrochta), 60. Vopelka – 52. Lindblom (Timashov), 54. NylanderAltelius

    Czech Republic: Vaněček (Pechek) – Zahradníček, Pyrochta, Mašín, Pýcha, Zbořil, Mikliš, Ščotka, Matula – Karabáček, Zacha, Jenyš – Vopelka, Pastrňák, Vrána – Kovařčík, Veselý, Švarc – Černoch, Kuťák
    Sweden2: Söderström (Werner) – Forsling, Lagesson, Johansson, Ollas Mattsson, Englund, Andersson, Muzito Bagenda – Lindblom, Franzén, Kempe – Tornqvist, Hollström, Elgestal – Nylander, F. Karlsson, A. Karlsson – Timashov, Olofsson, Kovacs