USA – Russia 4:2 (end) | Sweden2 – Canada2 4:3 (end) | Slovakia2 – Finland 1:5 (end)
Czech Republic – Switzerland 4:3 (2:0 after SO)
4:2 (2:0, 0:1, 2:1)
Tuesday 06.08.2013, 14:00Hlinka Gretzky Cup
    Don't forget to join us in eighty minutes for today's second game from Piestany, where Slovakia faces Finland. (16:10:40)
    M.V.P. for Team U.S.A. – Alex Nedeljkovic.
    M.V.P. for Team Russia – Radel Fazleyev
    A fantastic victory for the United States, who bounce back from the overtime loss to Finland and take all three points. Three points each for Joey Dudek and Nick Schmaltz, while Jack Dougherty scored the game winner to go with an assist.
    Game over.
    Game over.
    The U.S. force the Russians back into their zone, and almost out of frustration, Eduard Nasybullin takes a penalty. That's pretty much game over.
    The U.S. clear their lines and fire the puck to neutral ice.
    Penalties coming for both teams after some shoving after the whistle. Aaron Haydon and Yevgeni Svechnikov are in the box.
    Russia call a time out.
    The Russians are loading up the points. This time it is Sleptsov who gets the shot away, but Nedeljkovic saves and freezes the puck.
    Boikov fires a one timer wide.
    Final minute in the third period.
    Glove save by Nedeljkovic on Ryzhkov. A few seconds later, Russia gets the puck to the net once again but Nedeljkovic is more than a match for it.
    Good work by Kirill Pilipenko, taking it upon himself to create offence. He gains the zone and fires on a 1 on 2, but Nedeljkovic saves with his shoulder and manages to snatch the rebound
    Korobov gets his glove on the puck to freeze it. Russia needs a miracle now.
    Incredible speed by Snively who gets a breakaway. He tries to go backhand on Korobov but is unable to get the shot away. He turns back to the slot and fires on the turn but it goes wide.
    Artur Lauta breaks into the zone with speed on the right wing, but his hard shot is knocked away by the blocker of Nedeljkovic
    Bittner gets a shot from the left wing which Korobov saves. Some pushing and shoving after the whistle.
    Good zone time for the Americans. Poganski gets a shot which is padded away by Korobov

    Jon Rowson

    Goals and assists: 12. Schmaltz (Dudek), 13. Dudek (Schmaltz, Dougherty), 47. Dougherty (Schmaltz, Dudek), 50. Snively (Connor) – 32. Sleptsov (Nikolishin), 41. Fazleyev

    USA: Nedeljkovic – Haydon, Mantha, Dougherty, Nardella, Carlo, Wolff, Rosburg – Poganski, Schmaltz, Bittner – Wahlin, Snively, Connor – Dudek, Wagner, Malmquist– Iverson, Turgeon, Phelps – Milan
    Russia: Korobov – Sharipzyanov. Nasybullin, Tsvetkov, Boykov, Lyamkin, Sleptsov, Nazarkin, Dervuk – Pilipenko, Fazleyev, Lazarev – Svechnikov, Kodola, Vovchenko – Lauta, Nikolishin, Zinoviev – Kamenev, Boltanov, Ryzhkov

    Referees: Goga, Stano – Tvrdoň, Výleta