USA – Russia 4:2 (end) | Sweden2 – Canada2 4:3 (end) | Slovakia2 – Finland 1:5 (end)
Czech Republic – Switzerland 4:3 (2:0 after SO)
1:5 (0:1, 0:2, 1:2)
Tuesday 06.08.2013, 17:30Hlinka Gretzky Cup
    That's all for today's coverage from Piestany. Thank you for joining me, and we'll be back tomorrow at 14:00 CET, 08:00 EST for tomorrow's first game between Russia and Finland (19:33:41)
    M.V.P. for Team Finland – Joel Kiviranta
    M.V.P. for Team Slovakia – Patrik Maier
    It's fair to say that was very comfortable for Finland. It was a rough game for Slovakia who were second to every loose puck and every scramble. Skorvanek played well in the Slovak goal but he could not repeat Pajpach's miraculous performance
    Game over.
    Goal for Team Finland! The game may be in it's final minutes but Finland aren't taking their foot off the gas. Great work by Antti Kalapudas sets up MIKKO RANTANEN who was lurking in the slot, and the TPS Turku forward made no mistake firing the puck into the top corner
    We're in the final two minutes of today's evening game in Piestany.
    A low point shot by Michal Bilik is saved by the left pad of Kaapo Kahkonen
    A long shot from Matej Palocko is gloved with relative ease by Kahkonen
    Finland go offside
    Goal for Team Slovakia! Finally the home fans have something to cheer about. After Hopponen's chance, Slovakia take the puck up the other end and Adrian Holesinsky tucks it away. Originally Kahkonen thought he had it, but the puck ends up trickling over the line.
    Fantastic solo effort by Waltteri Hopponen, deking out Patrik Maier and trying to go across the crease, but a fantastic save by Skorvanek denies him
    Immediately off the draw a defensive error by Finland gives Simon Petras a breakaway opportunity. He tries to go backhand on Kahkonen, but the Finnish goalie gets his pad down, making the save and the trailer Dominik Novak is unable to get his stick to the rebound
    Goal for Team Finland! Make that 4-0 Finland with eight and a half minutes to go. JOEL KIVIRANTA works the puck from the right wing circle, gets a shooting lane and beats Skorvanek with a hard wrist shot.
    Joona Jaaskelainen has the opportunity to double his tally today, but his wrist shot is held without a rebound by Skorvanek
    Sebastian Aho shows some slick hands as he dekes out the Slovak defenceman. He tries to fire the puck top corner from a tight angle but it goes wide.
    Slovakia kill Kratochvila's penalty
    Big stop by Skorvanek denying Kalupudas his second of the game
    Penalty to Slovakia, two minutes against Patrik Kratochvila.
    Stanislav Skorvanek makes another save from a right wing shot

    Jon Rowson

    Goals and assists: 54. Holesinsky (Jaros) – 1. Jaaskelainen (Niku, Honkanen), 32. Lammikko (Rantanen), 37. Kalupudas (Rouhiainen), 52. Kiviranta (Honkanen), 60. Rantanen (Kalapudas, Keskitalo)

    Slovakia2: Škorvánek (Pajpach) – Romančík, Maier, Jaroš, Sloboda, Ivanič, Koch, Moravčík, Bilík – Holešinský, Halama, Paločko – Milý, Kratochvíla, Haščič – Kundrát, Adamčík, Krasničan – Novák, Sukeľ, Petráš
    Finland: Kähkönen (Voutilainen) – Väinöla, Rouhiainen, Niku, Tervo, Keskitalo, Leppävuori, Parikka, Haapanen – Rantanen, Lämsä, Lammikko – Kiviranta, Honkanen, Jääskeläinen – Aho, Kalapudas, Hopponen – Kauppinen, M. Mäkinen, A. Mäkinen

    Referees: Konc D., Konc J. – Orolin, Kacej