Sweden2 – Slovakia2 11:0 (end) | Finland – Switzerland 4:3 (1:0 after SO) | Canada2 – Russia 3:1 (end)
USA – Czech Republic 5:3 (end)
after shootout (1:0)
4:3 (0:1, 1:1, 2:1)
Friday 09.08.2013, 15:30Hlinka Gretzky Cup
    Goal for Team Finland!
    MIKKO RANTANEN gets credit with the game-winning goal in which Finland clinches 5th place in the shootout. (17:44:17)
    Game over.
    Switzerland's 3rd shooter, Roger Karrer, misses the net on the backhand deke, ending this game.
    Finland's 2nd shooter, Mikko Mrantanen, scores the 1st goal with a high wrister.
    Switzerland's Edson Herlacher tries to go high but is stopped.
    Finland's first shooter, Annti Kalapudas is also denied on the deke attempt.
    Switzerland's first shot is Sin Schlapfter tries to go wide to the forhand on Voutilainen but runs out of room.
    The entire 5-minute period was played without a whistle, and now we go to a shootout to decide 5th place.
    Overtime finished.
    Slapper from the point from Joel Fiviranta, big pad save Fehr and the puck is loose in the slot for a while. Finally Swiss clear it.
    Hopponen gets a shot for Finland at the side of the net, stick save Fehr.
    Swiss with control in the Finnish zone around the perimeter but not getting shots.
    Swiss with the first chance early in ovetime.
    Overtime began.
    Well the Swiss were the better team most of this game but the Finns score twice in the last 8 minutes to force overtime.

    We'll play 5 minutes of 4-on-four sudden-death overtime to decide 5th and 5th place. If nobody scores, we'll go to a shootout.
    3rd period finished.
    Swiss threaten late, Hopponen with a quick shot and Fehr has to kick it out.
    Markus Haapanen takes a high wrist shot that Fehr catches and holds.
    Switzerland's Roger Karrer launches a shot from the point that goes over the glass untouched and out of play. Faceoff outside.
    Offside Switzerland.

    Derek OBrien

    Goals and assists: 32. Rantanen (Lammikko, Lamsa), 52. Lammikko (Lamsa, Raantanen), 58. Hopponen (Rantanen) – 12. Harlacher (Suter), 25. Klopfter (Suter), 50. Suter (Kindschi)

    Finland: Voutilainen (Kähkönen) – Rouhiainen, Väinölä, Tervo, Niku, Leppävuori, Keskitalo, Haapanen, Parikka – Lammikko, Lämsä, Rantanen – Jääskeläinen, Honkanen, Kiviranta – Aho, Kalapudas, Hopponen – A. Mäkinen, M. Mäkinen, Kauppinen
    Switzerland: Fehr (Descloux) – Klopfer, Harlacher, Siegenthaler, Karrer, Maurer, Kindschi, Gurtner – Riat, Suter, Meier – Rod, Malgin, Fiala – Kessler, Privet, Trisconi – Schläpfer, Ritz, Schmidli – Meyer