Sweden2 – Slovakia2 11:0 (end) | Finland – Switzerland 4:3 (1:0 after SO) | Canada2 – Russia 3:1 (end)
USA – Czech Republic 5:3 (end)
5:3 (2:1, 1:2, 2:0)
Czech Republic
Friday 09.08.2013, 19:00Hlinka Gretzky Cup
    Players of the Game:

    CZE Jakub Vrana, USA Nick Schmaltz. (21:08:57)
    This Breclav crowd is really giving their team a salute right now. They'll have a chance to see them once more, as the Czech Republic will play Russia for the bronze medal here tomorrow. The gold medal game between Canada and the USA will be played in Piestany.
    Game over.
    Goal for Team USA!
    The Czechs were unable to re-enter the US zone, and CODY MILAN shoots the puck from the neutral zone into the empty net to put this game away. Unassisted.
    Puck dumped into the Czech zone, they have to regroup . . .
    The Czech net is empty, they have 6 attackers on the ice.
    Puck is deflected out of play. Faceoff in the US zone.
    Icing USA. It's nail-biting time now.
    Bad pass to the point and the Czechs have to clear the zone and regroup.
    Time out Czech Republic.

    One wonders how long it will be before they pull Vanecek.
    High wrister from Zacha, glove save Nedjelkovic and he hangs on.
    Nedjelkovic loses his stick, he can't recover it but the Czechs can't get the puck.
    Backhander from Cody Milan, glove save Vanecek.

    Time becoming a factor now.
    Czech top line out in the attacking zone trying to make things happen again.
    Shot from Austin Poganski hits a stick and is caught and held by Vanecek.
    Nick Schmaltz with the interception in the Czech zone, goes in on goal but forced wide by the defenceman and his shot goes wide.
    Icing USA.
    Karabacek and Zacha try to hook up again in the attacking zone, but a stick in the way prevented a good shot and it went wide.
    Offside USA on the shoot-in.
    Timeout USA

    They obviously don't want to calm the team down and not let the lead slip away again.

    Derek OBrien

    Goals and assists: 10. Wahlin (Milan), 19. Schmaltz (Dougherty), 31. Schmaltz, 49. Wagner, 60. Milan – 5. Zacha (Karabacek), 29. Vrana (Zboril, Pastrnak), 40. Zacha (Karabacek)

    USA: Nedjelkovic (Weyrick) – Mantha, Haydon, Nardella, Dougherty, Wolff, Carlo, Snively, Rosburg – Bittner, Schmaltz, Poganski – Connor, Wagner, Dudek – Malmquist, Milan, Wahlin – Phelps, Turgeon, Iverson
    Czech Republic: Vaněček (Pechek) – Zbořil, Pyrochta, Pýcha, Mašín, Zahradníček, Mikliš, Ščotka, Matula – Karabáček, Zacha, Jenyš – Vopelka, Pastrňák, Vrána – Kovařčík, Veselý, Švarc – Černoch, Kuťák

    Referees: Fraňo, Šindler – Barvíř, Blumel