USA – Canada2 0:4 (end) | Russia – Czech Republic 2:3 (end)
2:3 (0:0, 1:2, 1:1)
Czech Republic
Saturday 10.08.2013, 17:00Hlinka Gretzky Cup
    That concludes EuroLiveScores' exclusive English-language coverage of the 2013 Ivan Hlinka Memorial Cup. We were live at all 18 games and covered every goal, penalty, and big moment. I hope you've enjoyed following as much as we've enjoyed bringing it to you. (19:08:55)
    The Czechs accept the 3rd place trophy and now pose for a picture with it, while the crowd cheer and drums bang.
    Players of the Game:

    CZE David Pastrnak, RUS Ivan Nikolishin.
    The Czechs flood over the bench and celebrate with goaltender Jan Pechek, who had a great game today, especially when the Russians were putting on enormous pressure late in the second and for most of the 3rd.
    The Russians weren't able to get their goalie out until the last 10 seconds because the Czechs had them hemmed in, a last second shot at the empty net went off the goalpost but it doesn't matter. The Czechs hold on for the 3-2 victory.
    Game over.
    Goal for Team Czech Republic!
    With this line on the ice, you always know something can happen. LUKAS VOPELKA (2pts) goes upstairs with it from in front. Assists: David Pastrnak (3pts), Petr Vrana (2pts)
    Puck cleared out of play in the Russian zone, but it hits the top of the glass so no penalty. Faceoff inside.
    Vaclav Karabacek circled the Russian net and tried to find someone in front with a pass but it was knocked away.
    Alexei Sleptsov with the wrister from the point, frozen by Pechek.
    Big collision in the corner between Svarc and Nasybullin.
    Icing Russia.
    Zboril leads a Czech rush, low shot and pad save Sidorov.
    Russians back on the offensive, Yevgeni Nazarkin from the point, caught and held by Pechek.
    Shot from the point by Tsvetkov, caught and held by Pechek.
    Zinoviev tries a wraparound, denied by Pechek.
    Czech top line comes back, big scramble at the Russian goal line, Vrana puts his arms up but Sidorov keeps it out.
    A shot by Kodola is knocked down by Pechek and covered.
    In the Czech zone, Vovchenko tries to pick the near coner on Pechek, hits his arm and play continues.
    Now a Czech 3 on 2 and Jiri Cernoch shoots just wide.

    Derek OBrien

    Goals and assists: 36. Vovchenko (Nikolishin, Lyamkin), 47. Nasybullin (Lazarev) – 30. Vrana (Pastrnak, Vopelka), 31. Pastrnak (Scotka), 59. Vopelka (Pastrnak, Vrana)

    Russia: Sidorov (Korobov) – Dervuk, Nazarkin, Nasybullin, Sharipzyanov, Sleptsov, Tsvetkov, Lyamkin, Boykov – Boltanov, Kamenev, Ryzhkov – Pilipenko, Fazleyev, Lazarev – Zinoviev, Kodola, Lauta – Volchenko, Nikolishin, Svechnikov.
    Czech Republic: Pechek (Vaněček) – Zbořil, Pyrochta, Pýcha, Mašín, Zahradníček, Mikliš, Ščotka, Matula – Karabáček, Zacha, Jenyš – Vopelka, Pastrňák, Vrána – Kovařčík, Veselý, Švarc – Černoch, Kuťák

    Referees: Fraňo, Šindler – Barvíř, Blümel