USA – Czech Republic 3:4 (end) | Russia – France2 3:0 (end) | Canada2 – Finland 2:3 (end)
Sweden2 – Belarus 3:2 (end)
3:2 (1:0, 1:2, 1:0)
Thursday 22.05.2014, 20:00 • Minsk Arena, Minsk, Belarus • World Championship
    Thank you for following the game with us tonight, until next time, goodbye! (22:18:33)
    With the sounds of "Du gamla, du fria" I send you my greets and hope you've enjoyed the broadcast. We're back in Minsk Saturday when semifinals will be played.

    Semifinals pairings:
    Czech Republic – Finland
    Russia – Sweden.
    Due to the fact Belarus finished their appearance here in Minsk at the IIHF World Championship – Sergei Kostitsyn, Mikhail Grabovsky and Alexei Kalyuzhny were named their best players.
    Best players:

    SWE – Gustav Nyquist
    BEL – Geoff Platt.
    Shots on goal: SWE 9 (25), BEL 11 (23)
    Penalties: SWE 2 (6), BEL 0 (8)
    Powerplay: SWE 2/4, BEL 0/3.
    A goal in each period assures the win for Sweden, with the last coming in a 5-on-5 play their first in the game. The Swedes were doing better in that final period of play, but Belarus had their chances. The game could have easily gone the other side, only the Swedes had a bit more luck. Belarus can be proud of themslves and their fans for sure are.
    Game over.
    Belarus lose the draw in the attacking zone and Sweden are in the semis.
    There are seven Belarussian players on the ice currently. The Swedes protesting, but I guess it won't bring any penalties, only someone will go to the bench.
    Timeout Belarus.
    A dump in by Belarus for no one, Sweden take over for some time.
    The Swedes take the puck out, but couldn't score on an empty net. The game is slipping out of Belarussian hands.
    Kevin Lalande leaves the net to get the extra attacker on the ice.
    Belarus struggle to leave the zone and establish an offense. Lalande still in net.
    Two minutes left in the third period.
    Geoff Platt was waiting for the feed in the middle, couldn't put the puck behind Nilsson.
    A diagonal pass from the neutral zone tries to find Andrei Kostitsyn in the zone but he couldn't receive it well on the right sideboards.
    The Swedes now rely on time which is their ally, so they keep the puck within their grasp for as long as possible. Before commiting an icing like this one.
    Moller keeps the puck in the zone, goes through the slot and looks to feed in from the right with two forwards waiting in the slot, but the tip in only met with Lalande's pads and deflected off.
    Belarussian forward falls down in the zone after a clash with the Swedish defenseman, the crowd thinks it should draw a penalty but the referees wouldn't agree.

    Alan Ilijic

    Goals and assists: 14. Danielsson (Ekholm, Klasen), 38. Nyquist (Backlund, Lindstrom), 54. Ekholm – 26. Platt (Kalyuzhny), 35. Yefimenko (Platt)

    Sweden2: Nilsson (Eriksson) – Fransson, Ekholm (G, A), Lindstrom (A), Moller, Backlund (A) – Burstrom, Andersen, Jarnkrok, Nyquist (G), Klasen (A) – Erixon, Gustafsson, Hjalmarsson, Sjogren, Ericsson – Nygren, Lundqvist, Axelsson, Rasmussen, Danielsson (G).
    Belarus: Lalande (Mezin) – Denisov, Yevenko, Platt (G, A), Kalyuzhny (A), Stas – Korobov, Graborenko, Kostitsyn A., Kostitsyn S., Kitarov – Stasenko, Gotovets, Ugarov, Osipov, Stepanov – Karev, Yefimenko (G), Volkov, Kovyrshin.

    Referees: Bulanov (RUS), Ronn (FIN) – Dehaen (FRA), Semjonov (EST)