Czech Republic B – France2 5:1 (end) | Slovakia2 – Germany2 17:4 (end) | Italy veterans – Australia 16:0 (end)
xxx – Slovakia2 3:6 (end) | France2 – Italy veterans 6:4 (end) | Czech Republic – xxx 16:1 (end)
Czech Republic B
5:1 (2:1, 3:0)
Thursday 22.05.2014, 10:00 • Eden stadium, Prague • Inline Hockey Masters World Cup
    Second game of the Veterans Worlds in Inline hockey will be played between the Germans and the Slovaks.

    In previous years, the Slovaks were reguralry in the middle of table, but last year in Italy, they won bronze medals.

    It's hard to say, what we can await, because Germany will play this tournament for the very first time. (11:47:48)
    First game of the tournament offered a little surprise. Defending champion from France had to neal before the Czech reserve team, who managed to turn the scoreline after losing 0:1 with five goals in a row.
    Game over.
    Goal for Team Czech Republic B!
    One more goal! Just before the final whistle, TOMAS KAZLEPKA completed a hattrick!
    Assist: Ludek Broz.
    The Czechs hold the puck behind their own net. It's pretty much decided.
    Visiting team at full strength.
    Fayault got into a solo breakaway, but Rivnac robbed him with a perfect blocker save!
    Ostein (FRA) gets a minor penalty and the chances of France are tightening.
    Rivnac made his first save. The French are still trying to make something with a result.
    Substitution in the Czech goal crease. Toman will take a break, Rivnac is in.
    Goal for Team Czech Republic B!
    Nice combination by the Czechs ended up with a fourth goal in Laruelle's net. TOMAS KAZLEPKA's hard shot found his way into the goal – 4:1!
    Assist: Petr Polivka.
    Spinetti's shot tried tu surprise Toman, but the Czech goaltender was ready.
    The Czechs didn't get close to goal during their powerplay, but they still play on puck.
    Visiting team at full strength.
    There comes a first penalty. Coletto (FRA) was sent out for interference and the Czech team will have a chance with powerplay.
    Kojecky didn't have much space among the opponent players, but managed to release a shot and hit a bar!
    However Ostein managed to get past them and made Toman peform a really great glove save!
    The home team defends well and even though its players don't play with puck, the don't let their opponent into their zone.
    Kolinsky tried his luck from between the circles, but Laurelle stopped the puck.
    Goal for Team Czech Republic B!
    In Czech, there's a saying, that if you fail in a great chance, the opponent will score and that's just what happened. TOMAS KAZLEPKA took the puck out of the French and scored with a nice shot just above the blocker of Laruelle!
    Without assist!

    Marek Kratochvíl

    Goals and assists: 15. Kolinsky (Broz), 20. Janeba, 25. Kazlepka, 33. Kazlepka (Polivka), 40. Kazlepka (Broz) – 9. Desroches (Fayault)

    Czech Republic B: Toman (33. Rivnac) – Kojecky, Kolinsky, Polivka – Kazlepka, Pulpan, Resler, Ulrich, Volesky, Janeba, Svejda, Broz
    France2: Laruelle (Voyneau) – Collet, Garcia, Gleise, Hostei, Leseur, Richard – Desroches, Fayault, Guiheux, Johais, Neau, Ostein, Spinetti, Reigner

    Referees: Colcouc, Gufier