Czech Republic B – France2 5:1 (end) | Slovakia2 – Germany2 17:4 (end) | Italy veterans – Australia 16:0 (end)
xxx – Slovakia2 3:6 (end) | France2 – Italy veterans 6:4 (end) | Czech Republic – xxx 16:1 (end)
17:4 (5:2, 12:2)
Thursday 22.05.2014, 12:00 • Eden stadium, Prague • Inline Hockey Masters World Cup
    The Slovaks made it a one-side game in the second half, when they scored twelve goals! The Germans lacked the quality and in the end, maybe also some energy. (13:25:50)
    Game over.
    Goal for Team Slovakia!
    RIght in the last second of the game, JOSEF VRABEL sent it past Simmich!
    Assist: Milan Novosedlik.
    Goal for Team Slovakia!
    Another breakaway and another goal! MILAN NOVOSEDLIK scored with a nice deke!
    Assist: Peter Sulek.
    Goal for Team Slovakia!
    Vrabel got around the goal, passed it to PETER SULEK and scored between his legs with a one-timer!
    Assist: Josef Vrabel.
    Goal for Team Slovakia!
    It seems like German defense isn't there anymore. MARIAN STABEL'S breakaway ends with a goal!
    Assist: Roman Trencan.
    Goal for Team Slovakia!
    Trencan found MARIAN STABEL'S stick and his shot went through Simmich!
    Assist: Roman Trencan
    Goal for Team Slovakia!
    STANISLAV JELINEK added another goal for his side – 12:4!
    Without assist.
    Jelinek missed from a good position in front of goal.
    Kohut saved a long-range attempt by Randall.
    Goal for Team Slovakia!
    Goal spree doesn't end. PETER JURENKA finished a nice pass by Scepko – 11:4!
    Assist: Bistrik Scepko.
    Substitution in German goal crease. Philipp sent out, Simmich took the spot.
    Goal for Team Germany!
    Udo Soflan's pass found MARIO BRENEZIERIS, who got past his defender and scored – 10:4!
    Assist: Udo Soflan.
    Goal for Team Germany!
    Powerplay goal for the Germans was secured by KARSTEN RANDALL!
    Assist: Udo Soflan.
    High-sticking penalty for Marian Stabel (SVK).
    Goal for Team Slovakia!
    There is the tenth one! BISTRIK SCEPKO scored with a precise goal from the left side just on the far post!
    Without assist.
    Goal for Team Slovakia!
    It's a pretty one-sided game right now. STANISLAV JELINEK scores again with a nice solo move – 9:2!
    Without assist.
    Goal for Team Slovakia!
    At first, Latoczy missed the goal, but then he found STANISLAV JELINEK, who scored the eight one – 8:2!
    Assist: Josef Latoczy.
    Sloavkia's at full strength.
    Soflan's shot from the circles went just wide.

    Marek Kratochvíl

    Goals and assists: 7. Scepko (Jurenka), 12. Hostovecky, 14. Stabel (Jurenka), 15. Jurenka (Stabel), 19. Tomanek, 21. Scepko, 23. Lezo (Latoczy), 27. Jelinek (Latoczy), 29. Jelinek, 30. Scepko, 34. Jurenka (Scepko), 37. Jelinek, 38. Stabel (Trencan), 39. Stabel (Trencan), 40. Sulek (Vrabel), 40. Novosedlik (Sulek), 40. Vrabel (Novosedlik) – 5. Randall, 20. Kadow, 30. Randall (Soflan), 32. Brenezieris (Soflan)

    Slovakia2: Kohut – Tomanek, Jelinek, Vrabel, Novosedlik, Trencan, Bilik, Scepko, Lezo, Ozorak, Stabel, Latoczy, Sulek, Hostovecky, Jurenka
    Germany2: Philipp (33. Simmich) – Walter, Soflan, Schiff, Weber, Oliver, Kadow, Breneizeris, Randall, Reuter

    Referees: Favero, Dupras