France2 – Italy veterans 6:4 (end) | Germany2 – xxx 5:6 (end) | Australia – Czech Republic B 0:8 (end)
Germany2 – Czech Republic 4:10 (end) | France2 – Australia 19:1 (end) | Italy veterans – Czech Republic B 3:2 (end)
Czech Republic – Slovakia2 7:4 (end)
Italy veterans
3:2 (1:0, 2:2)
Czech Republic B
Friday 23.05.2014, 18:00 • Eden stadium, Prague • Inline Hockey Masters World Cup
    Goal for Team Czech Republic B!
    After a chaotic situation in front of Conforti, Langr found JAROSLAV JANEBA in front of an open goal!
    Assist: Tomas Langr.
    Goal for Team Czech Republic B!
    The Czechs decreased the difference! Goal scorer is TOMAS KOJECKY, who found the back of a net with a hard slap shot.
    Assist: Tomas Kazlepka.
    Goal for Team Italy!
    GIANPIERO LONGHINI makes it 3:0 after another Tessari's assist! The puck bounced back right after it went through Toman, but the referees called it a goal.
    Assist: Riki Tessari.
    Goal for Team Italy!
    The Italians are in front by two goals now! Good combination was finished by PAULO DE LUCA, who scored!
    Assist: Riki Tessari
    Goal for Team Italy!
    Italy takes the lead! Longhini's long range attempt hit bar and then the post. ALEXEJS ZOLOVKINS found it there and tapped it in!
    Assist: Gianpiero Longhini.

    Marek Kratochvíl

    Goals and assists: 16. Zolovkins (Longhini), 32. de Luca (Tessari), 34. Longhini (Tessari) – 38. Kojecky (Kazlepka), 40. Janeba (Langr)

    Italy veterans: Conforti (Favaro) – Varotto, Tessari, Tremolaterra, Berto, Medeot – Corso, Zolovkins, Endrizzi, Benvegnu, Vagnoni, Longhini, Cintori, de Luca
    Czech Republic B: Toman (Rivnac) – Polivka, Kolinský, Kojecky – Langr, Broz, Ulrich, Resler, Kazlepka, Svejda, Volesky, Janeba, Pulpan