France2 – Italy veterans 6:4 (end) | Germany2 – xxx 5:6 (end) | Australia – Czech Republic B 0:8 (end)
Germany2 – Czech Republic 4:10 (end) | France2 – Australia 19:1 (end) | Italy veterans – Czech Republic B 3:2 (end)
Czech Republic – Slovakia2 7:4 (end)
Italy veterans
3:2 (1:0, 2:2)
Czech Republic B
Friday 23.05.2014, 18:00 • Eden stadium, Prague • Inline Hockey Masters World Cup
    Longhini (ITA) gets a minor penalty for holding.
    Goal for Team Czech Republic B!
    After a chaotic situation in front of Conforti, Langr found JAROSLAV JANEBA in front of an open goal!
    Assist: Tomas Langr.
    Toman's out. The Czechs try it in five with an empty net.
    Varotto (ITA) called for boarding.
    Goal for Team Czech Republic B!
    The Czechs decreased the difference! Goal scorer is TOMAS KOJECKY, who found the back of a net with a hard slap shot.
    Assist: Tomas Kazlepka.
    Two minutes penalty for Kojecky (CZE) – interference.
    Goal for Team Italy!
    GIANPIERO LONGHINI makes it 3:0 after another Tessari's assist! The puck bounced back right after it went through Toman, but the referees called it a goal.
    Assist: Riki Tessari.
    Alessandro Cintori (ITA) gets a penalty for slashing.
    Goal for Team Italy!
    The Italians are in front by two goals now! Good combination was finished by PAULO DE LUCA, who scored!
    Assist: Riki Tessari
    Ales Pulpan (CZE) got a personal misconduct penalty + 2 minutes. Longhini (ITA) is out for hooking as well.
    Gianpiero Longhini (ITA) got a minor penalty for hooking.
    Ales Pulpan (CZE) gets another penalty. This time for slashing.
    Ales Pulpan (CZE) gets a minor penalty for high-sticking.
    The Czechs could reply immediately, but Svejda's finish to nice combination ends on post!
    Goal for Team Italy!
    Italy takes the lead! Longhini's long range attempt hit bar and then the post. ALEXEJS ZOLOVKINS found it there and tapped it in!
    Assist: Gianpiero Longhini.
    Long range effort from Janeba. Conforti caught the puck without any major difficulties.
    Tessari's innocent shot wasn't innocent at all and hits the bar!

    Marek Kratochvíl

    Goals and assists: 16. Zolovkins (Longhini), 32. de Luca (Tessari), 34. Longhini (Tessari) – 38. Kojecky (Kazlepka), 40. Janeba (Langr)

    Italy veterans: Conforti (Favaro) – Varotto, Tessari, Tremolaterra, Berto, Medeot – Corso, Zolovkins, Endrizzi, Benvegnu, Vagnoni, Longhini, Cintori, de Luca
    Czech Republic B: Toman (Rivnac) – Polivka, Kolinský, Kojecky – Langr, Broz, Ulrich, Resler, Kazlepka, Svejda, Volesky, Janeba, Pulpan