Switzerland – Canada2 1:5 (end) | Finland – Russia 5:2 (end) | Slovakia2 – Sweden2 1:6 (end)
Czech Republic – USA 4:2 (end)
5:2 (1:2, 2:0, 2:0)
Monday 11.08.2014, 15:30 • Břeclav • Hlinka Gretzky Cup
    Sebastian AHO - 5:2
    Goal for Team Finland!
    Finnish team is very efficient in this game. SEBASTIAN AHO shows speed and skill and scores with a wristshot past Kolesnikov after coming in from the left wing. Unassisted.
    Patrik LAINE - 4:2
    Goal for Team Finland!
    The start of the period is again dominated by Finland. PATRIK LAINE moves on a breakaway, everyone is expecting a pass, including the goalie and the Finnish forward calmly passes the puck into the back of the net. Unassisted.
    Sami TAVERNIER - 3:2
    Goal for Team Finland!
    Kolesnikov spills Piipponen´s shot and SAMI TAVERNIER is on hand to fire in the rebound. Bit of a cheap goal to concede and Finland is again ahead. Assisted by Topi Piipponen.
    Kasper BJÖRKQVIST - 2:2
    Goal for Team Finland!
    Out of the blue, KASPER BJÖRKQVIST gets to the loose puck in the attacking zone and scores with a hard and accurate wristshot past Kolesnikov. Unassisted.
    Mikhail SIDOROV - 1:2
    Goal for Team Russia!
    But a single powerplay shot is enough for Russia to take the lead. MIKHAIL SIDOROV fires a beautiful wristshot that hits the underside of the crossbar and goes in. Assisted by Dmitry Zhukenov.
    Egor RYKOV - 1:1
    Goal for Team Russia!
    The game is tied as Russia scores on a powerplay. EGOR RYKOV fires from the blue line and beats Vehvilainen on his glove side. Assisted by Timur Fatkullin.
    Jesse PULJUJÄRVI - 1:0
    Goal for Team Finland!
    Perfect start for Finnish team. They moved to the attack right after the faceoff, moved past static Russian defensemen and Palmu´s cross pass was fired home by JESSE PULJUJÄRVI. Assisted by Petrus Palmu and Vili Sarrijärvi.

    Lukáš Peroutka

    Goals and assists: 1. Puljujärvi (Palmu, Saarijärvi), 28. Björkqvist, 32. Tavernier (Piipponen), 42. Laine, 52. Aho – 7. Rykov (Fatkullin), 15. Sidorov (Zhukenov)

    Finland: Vehviläinen (Heljanko) – Saarijärvi, Juolevi, Järvinen, Vainio, Mattila, Parikka, Välimäki – Palmu, Nättinen, Puljujärvi – Aho, Tammela, Laine – Tavernier, Ruotsalainen, Piipponen – Niemelä, Mattila, Björkqvist – Mäkinen.
    Russia: Kolesnikov (Krasotkin) – Sidorov, Kozyrev, Fatkullin, Rykov, Bannikov, Platonov, Nesterov – Ivashov, Alekseev, Karnaukhov – Zhukenov, Zhebelev, Kaprizov – Bochkarev, Ivanyuzhenkov, Byakin – Barabanov, Volkov, Podluboshnov – Emets.

    Referees: Fraňo, Hodek – Lhotský, Ondráček