Switzerland – Canada2 1:5 (end) | Finland – Russia 5:2 (end) | Slovakia2 – Sweden2 1:6 (end)
Czech Republic – USA 4:2 (end)
5:2 (1:2, 2:0, 2:0)
Monday 11.08.2014, 15:30 • Břeclav • Hlinka Gretzky Cup
    Another penalty against Team Russia, this time for high sticking against Sidorov (RUS).
    Good save by Kolesnikov, diving to his right to stop Tamella´s rebound.
    Volkov (RUS) is penalized for slashing.
    Sebastian AHO - 5:2
    Goal for Team Finland!
    Finnish team is very efficient in this game. SEBASTIAN AHO shows speed and skill and scores with a wristshot past Kolesnikov after coming in from the left wing. Unassisted.
    Jarvinen (FIN) is sent to the penalty box for boarding.
    Another big chance of Russian team. However, Platonov fails to beat Vehvilainen and the score stays the same.
    Vainio (FIN) gets a 2-minute penalty for slashing.
    Patrik LAINE - 4:2
    Goal for Team Finland!
    The start of the period is again dominated by Finland. PATRIK LAINE moves on a breakaway, everyone is expecting a pass, including the goalie and the Finnish forward calmly passes the puck into the back of the net. Unassisted.
    First, Zhebelev fires the puck into the open net, but Vehvilainen´s pad is faster and kicks it out, then Niemela on the other side moves alone on goal only to be denied by Kolesnikov.
    Parikka (FIN) is called for tripping, another Russian powerplay.
    Palmu (FIN) called for tripping.
    Saarijarvi´s wristshot from the blue line is deflected on to the post.
    Russia (RUS) serves a minor penalty for too many players on the ice. Served by Emets.
    Sami TAVERNIER - 3:2
    Goal for Team Finland!
    Kolesnikov spills Piipponen´s shot and SAMI TAVERNIER is on hand to fire in the rebound. Bit of a cheap goal to concede and Finland is again ahead. Assisted by Topi Piipponen.
    Zhukenov (RUS) is called for slashing. With the delayed penalty, Finns moved to a breakaway and Puljujarvi was clean through on goal, only to shoot too high with his backhand move.
    Kasper BJÖRKQVIST - 2:2
    Goal for Team Finland!
    Out of the blue, KASPER BJÖRKQVIST gets to the loose puck in the attacking zone and scores with a hard and accurate wristshot past Kolesnikov. Unassisted.
    Podluboshnov misses a great chance on the left crease, shooting into the goalie.
    Zhebelev (RUS) is called for tripping.
    Piipponen (FIN) is called for hooking. Will the Russian powerplay be succesful for the third time, too?
    Big dejavu in the arena as Russia fails to deal with the opening faceoff again, Puljujarvi is clean through on goal, but he shoots high above the crossbar!
    Palmu misses a sitter, firing wide with Kolesnikov stretched on the ice.
    Big pressure by Team Finland. Puljujarvi and Aho miss the net from close range as Kolesnikov feels the heat of many shots heading his way.
    First powerplay for Team Finland. Denis Alekseev (RUS) is called for delaying the game after knocking the net loose.
    Mikhail SIDOROV - 1:2
    Goal for Team Russia!
    But a single powerplay shot is enough for Russia to take the lead. MIKHAIL SIDOROV fires a beautiful wristshot that hits the underside of the crossbar and goes in. Assisted by Dmitry Zhukenov.
    Matilla (FIN) is called for handling the puck with his hands.
    Kaprizov misses a wide open net on the side after a good pass by Zhukenov.
    Egor RYKOV - 1:1
    Goal for Team Russia!
    The game is tied as Russia scores on a powerplay. EGOR RYKOV fires from the blue line and beats Vehvilainen on his glove side. Assisted by Timur Fatkullin.
    Tavernier (FIN) is called for a minor tripping penalty.
    Jesse PULJUJÄRVI - 1:0
    Goal for Team Finland!
    Perfect start for Finnish team. They moved to the attack right after the faceoff, moved past static Russian defensemen and Palmu´s cross pass was fired home by JESSE PULJUJÄRVI. Assisted by Petrus Palmu and Vili Sarrijärvi.

    Lukáš Peroutka

    Goals and assists: 1. Puljujärvi (Palmu, Saarijärvi), 28. Björkqvist, 32. Tavernier (Piipponen), 42. Laine, 52. Aho – 7. Rykov (Fatkullin), 15. Sidorov (Zhukenov)

    Finland: Vehviläinen (Heljanko) – Saarijärvi, Juolevi, Järvinen, Vainio, Mattila, Parikka, Välimäki – Palmu, Nättinen, Puljujärvi – Aho, Tammela, Laine – Tavernier, Ruotsalainen, Piipponen – Niemelä, Mattila, Björkqvist – Mäkinen.
    Russia: Kolesnikov (Krasotkin) – Sidorov, Kozyrev, Fatkullin, Rykov, Bannikov, Platonov, Nesterov – Ivashov, Alekseev, Karnaukhov – Zhukenov, Zhebelev, Kaprizov – Bochkarev, Ivanyuzhenkov, Byakin – Barabanov, Volkov, Podluboshnov – Emets.

    Referees: Fraňo, Hodek – Lhotský, Ondráček