Switzerland – Canada2 1:5 (end) | Finland – Russia 5:2 (end) | Slovakia2 – Sweden2 1:6 (end)
Czech Republic – USA 4:2 (end)
Czech Republic
4:2 (0:1, 3:0, 1:1)
Monday 11.08.2014, 19:00 • Břeclav • Hlinka Gretzky Cup
    Lukas JASEK - 4:2
    Goal for Team Czech Republic!
    Almost an equalizer on one end of the rink as Dennis Yan is inches away of tapping the loose puck into the empty net, but shortly afterwards, LUKAS JASEK gets to the puck and sends it all the way into the empty net. Unassisted.
    Sarthou is out of the net, US with six skaters on the ice.
    Jasek almost scored the decisive goal, yet a loose puck bouncing into the net is eventually cleared by one of US defensemen.
    Vladar with his four teammates are under heavy pressure, but somehow they manage to survive without a conceded goal.
    And now even with a chance to tie the game. Dymacek (CZE) gets a penalty for slashing.
    Another unnecessary penalty against Team USA as Olson (USA) brings down one of his opponents far away from the puck. 5-on-3 for the Czech Republic.
    Bachman (USA) is called for slashing.
    Big save by Daniel Vladar in Czech goal, first saving Terry´s shot from the right crease and then, lying on the ice, stopping Novak´s rebound with his outstretched glove.
    Czechs got to a 2-on-1 breakaway and Lukas Andel hits the crossbar with a nice wristshot from Koblizek´s pass.
    Dymacek (CZE) pushes one of his opponents into the net and is called for interference.
    Robert JACKSON - 3:2
    Goal for Team USA!
    ROBERT JACKSON scores from a penalty shot, taking his time and beating Vladar in the 5-hole area.
    Zboril (CZE) brought down Jackson on a breakaway, penalty shot for Team USA.
    Team USA is called for too many players on the ice. Served by Lanczynski.
    Spenser Young squanders a good chance on rebound. He misses the open net and fires wide.
    Chlapik (CZE) is called for roughing.
    Lukas JASEK - 3:1
    Goal for Team Czech Republic!
    Quick powerplay combination of the Czech team and LUKAS JASEK sends his one-timer straight to the right post, giving Sarthou no chance to be there in time. Assisted by Tomas Soustal, Filip Chlapik.
    Zach Wilkie (USA) lost his nerves after the whistle and cross-checked one of Czech players on his head. Referees opt for a 5 minute major penalty for checking to the head and neck area.
    Another penalty against Team USA. No doubt on this one, Filipe (USA) makes an unnecessary hook on his opponent and Czechs move to another powerplay.
    Filip CHLAPIK - 2:1
    Goal for Team Czech Republic!
    Very similar situation to the first Czech goal. This time, Zboril is the assistant, setting up FILIP CHLAPIK on the blue line and his one-timer flies straight into the net. Assisted by Jakub Zboril and Lukas Jasek.
    Boeser (USA) is called for hooking.
    Swaney (USA) gets a minor penalty for delaying the game.
    Another penalty against Team USA. Dello (USA) is called for holding an opponent.
    Jakub ZBORIL - 1:1
    Goal for Team Czech Republic!
    The game is tied. Czechs eventually convert their long 5-on-3 powerplay into a goal when Weinhold sets up JAKUB ZBORIL on top of the crease and he fires straight into the top corner. Assisted by Martin Weinhold and Lukas Jasek.
    Two US players have to go to the penalty box at the same time. Wilkie (USA) is called for tripping and Laczynski (USA) for kneeing. Two-minute 5-on-3 powerplay for Czechs!
    Big chance for Team USA. Novak took control of the puck in the neutral zone, moved forward and set up Yan perfectly. Yet Yan was denied by Vladar who made good move forward and closed the space.
    David Kase got some space in the slot and fired just wide of the right post.
    After a spell of Czech pressure, Filipe (USA) is called for slashing,
    Matt Filipe (USA) is called for slashing.
    Brock BOESER - 0:1
    Goal for Team USA!
    USA open the scoring when Yan´s wristshot hits the post and BROCK BOESER is quick to the puck to tap it in. Assisted by Dennis Yan.
    Czechs move to a 2-on-1 breakaway. Suchy aims high from Kase´s pass, but Sarthou´s glove is quick enough to stop the puck.
    Ryan Moore gets on the breakaway and is stopped in the very last moment by Zboril (CZE). Penalty against the Czech player for slashing.
    Foley (USA) is called a minor penalty for interference.
    Jackson finds a loose puck near the blue line, skates into the open defense and takes a backhand shot. Vladar makes a great glove save.
    Czech team is called for too many players on the ice. Penalty served by Dymacek (CZE).
    Brock Boeser (USA) gets an early penalty for slashing.

    Lukáš Peroutka

    Goals and assists: 25. Zboril (Weinhold, Jasek), 33. Chlapik (Zboril, Jasek), 37. Jasek (Soustal, Chlapik), 60. Jasek – 9. Boeser (Yan), 42. Jackson (p.s.)

    Czech Republic: Vladař (Stezka) – Zbořil, Weinhold, Krenželok, Kaňák, Hájek, Doudera, Kalina – Jašek, F. Chlapík, Koblížek Dufek, D. Kaše, Suchý – Anděl, Šoustal, Dymáček – Gago, F. Dvořák, Stránský – Ďurač.
    USA: Sarthou (Jurusik) – Wilkie, Dello, Blaisdell, Cecconi, Olson, Gabriele, Young – Yan, Novak, Boeser – Jackson, Filipe, Terry – Laczynski, Moore, Swaney – Bachman, Foley, Smith.

    Referees: Hradil, Šír – Hlavatý, Tošenovjan