Canada2 – Sweden2 5:1 (end) | Russia – USA 4:7 (end) | Slovakia2 – Switzerland 1:3 (end)
Czech Republic – Finland 4:3 (end)
Czech Republic
4:3 (1:1, 1:1, 2:1)
Tuesday 12.08.2014, 19:00 • Breclav • Hlinka Gretzky Cup
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    Players of the game:
    CZE: Daniel Vladar
    FIN: Petrus Palmu
    Radoslav Vavrina: Final score CZE 4 FIN 3. Czechs are in semifinals!

    Czech team managed to win even its 2nd game on the tournament. A great battle against Team Finland was decided during the last period, when home team scored twice and the opponent only once.
    Game over.
    Julius Nättinen strikes the upper bar!
    Christian Heljanko is called off and Finnish send 6 players to the field.
    Visiting team timeout.
    Niemelä´s and Björqkvist´s shots... and Vladar´s saves.
    David Kase shows a perfect timing and finds Dufek on the 2nd blue line. His shot misses the upper bar for a few centimetres!
    For obvious reasons, Czech players are focusing on defending their blue line and contrary, Finnish players are trying to reach the zone.
    Even Vladar can´t rest, another two saves for him.
    The 3rd Czech line doesn´t let the opponent breath and makes a great pressure to them right during setting up an action.
    Juolevi sends a quick shot to Vladar, and although Vladar doesn´t have an easy position, he saves.
    Vladar beat in a hundred percentage opportunity Sebastian Aho! Finnish forward reaches the puck right after a face-off but the Czech goalie lowers his ankle for shot and keeps his team in the leading.
    Lukas JASEK - 4:3
    Goal for Team Czech Republic!
    Wow, that´s a really quick response by the home team. The power play took only 9 seconds when Zboril´s shot was tipped in by LUKAS JASEK. Assisted by Jakub Zboril and Filip Chlapik.
    Jonne Tammela (FIN) gets a minor penalty for hooking.
    Petrus PALMU - 3:3

    Lucie Mužíková

    Goals and assists: 1. Koblizek (Chlapik), 32. Zboril (Weinhold, Jasek), 42. Dufek (Suchy), 48. Jasek (Zboril, Chlapik) – 10. Puljujärvi (Nättinen), 28. Palmu (Saarijärvi, Nättinen), 47. Palmu (Puljujärvi)

    Czech Republic: Vladař (Stezka) – Zbořil, Weinhold, Krenželok, Kaňák, Hájek, Doudera, Kalina – Jašek, F. Chlapík, Koblížek – Dufek, D. Kaše (C), Suchý – Anděl, Šoustal, Dymáček – Gago, F. Dvořák, Stránský – Ďurač.
    Finland: Heljanko (Vehviläinen) – Saarijärvi, Juolevi, Järvinen, Vainio, Mattila Je., Parikka, Välimäki – Palmu, Nättinen, Puljujärvi – Aho, Tamella, Laine – Mäkinen, Ruotsalainen (C), Piipponen – Niemelä, Mattila Ju., Björqkvist – Tavernier.

    Referees: Čech, Hribik – Blümel, Skopal