Sweden2 – Switzerland 7:2 (end) | USA – Finland 9:4 (end) | Slovakia2 – Canada2 1:5 (end)
Czech Republic – Russia 11:2 (end)
7:2 (4:1, 3:1, 0:0)
Wednesday 13.08.2014, 14:00Hlinka Gretzky Cup
    Welcome. This game starts at 14:00 CET.
    Sweden and Switzerland meet in an absolutely huge game in the Piestany Group. Simply put, the winner of this game finishes 2nd in the group and goes to the semi-finals, while the loser finishes 3rd in the group and will play for 5th place overall.

    Switzerland opened with a 5-1 loss to Sweden on Monday, then beat Slovakia 3-1 yesterday. Sweden opened with a 6-1 in over Slovakia on Monday before falling 5-1 to Canada yesterday.

    Three Swedish players have 2 points -- Joel Ek Eriksson (2 goals) and defencemen Oliver Kylington and Alexander Younan (each 1 goal and 1 assist). For Switzerland, Dominik Schmid has 2 goals.

    In goal, Adam Werner will make his first start after Felix Sandstrom played the first two for Sweden. For Switzerland, Joren van Pottelberghe will make his third straight start.
    Sweden - warm-up

    The teams are on the ice. Sweden is designated as the home team and wearing yellow uniforms with blue trim, blue pants and helmets. Switzerland is designated as the visiting team and wearing red uniforms with white trim, black pants and helmets.
    The national anthems of Switzerland and Sweden have been played and the opening faceoff is moments away.
    Game started.
    Swedish goalie Adam Werner faces his first shot of the tournament and holds it for a whistle.
    Goal for Team Sweden!
    Sweden's first shot of the game is a goal, as JONATHAN DAHLEN is sprung in all alone on Van Pottelberghe and beats him to the glove side just inside the post.
    Assists: Jens Looke, Lucas Carlsson.
    Jonathan DAHLEN - 1:0
    Starting Lineups:

    Sweden: Werner (Sandström) – Kylington, Larsson, Younan, L. Carlsson, Emanuelsson, G. Carlsson, Alftberg, Léman – Grundström, Ek Eriksson, Ahl – Lööke, Ölund, Dahlén – Davidsson, Asplund, Magnusson – Kalte, Erixon, Dahlström.

    Switzerland: Van Pottelberghe (Guggisberg) – Burren, Karrer (C), Pinana, Moor, Weber, Frick, Auriemma, Fischer – Riat, Diem, Holdener – Impose, Marchon, Roberts – Haberstich, Thürkauf, Schmid – Miranda, Hollenstein, Lanz.

    Referees: Jonák, Lokšík – Tvrdoň, Stanzel.
    Sweden get a quick goal and now a power play right after as Calvin Thurkauf goes off for slashing.
    Offside Sweden with :39 left in the power play.
    Philip Alftberg with a slapper from the point, stick save Van Pottelberghe.
    Goal for Team Switzerland!
    Just after killing off the penalty, Frick carries the puck up ice, holds it forever before finally shooting and FABIO HOLLENSTEIN deflects it in.
    Assist: Robin Frick.
    Fabio HOLLENSTEIN - 1:1
    Jonathan Dahlen with another great chance but Joren Van Pottelberghe denies him from point-blank.
    Another Swiss penalty, this one Nathan Marchon for tripping. Sweden to the power play again.
    Good kill by the Swiss and they now have the puck in the Swedish zone.
    Finally Werner covers the puck.
    Ahl with the shot, pad save Van Pottelberghe and a scramble in the crease, Eriksson jams away at it but it's finally cleared away.
    Goal for Team Sweden!
    The Swedes dangerous offensively, and Magnusson makes a nice cross-ice pass to JONATHAN DAVIDSSON, who one-times it in before Van Pottelberghe can get across.
    Assist: Phillip Magnusson, Carl Grundstrom.
    Jonathan DAVIDSSON - 2:1
    Goal for Team Sweden!
    The Swedes attacking furiously now and it's OLIVER ERIKSSON 54 seconds later to give them a 2-goal lead.
    Assists: Anton Kalte, Alexander Younan.
    Sebastian ERIXON - 3:1
    Swedes on the attack again, Van Pottelberghe with the save and covers.
    Offside Sweden.
    Goal for Team Sweden!
    It's once again Looke to Dahlen, as Looke fed a pass from the corner out front and JONATHAN DAHLEN scores on the backhand.
    Assist: Jens Looke.
    Jonathan DAHLEN - 4:1
    Puck into the Swiss bench, faceoff inside the zone.
    The puck comes to Davidsson in the slot but he doesn't get much on his shot, Van Pottelberghe saves and covers.
    The third Swiss penalty of the period and second for Calvin Thurkauf, who gets called for hooking.
    Icing Sweden with 1:05 left in the power play.
    Jens Looke with a wrister, hits Van Pottelberghe in the shoulder, Swiss back at full strength.
    Puck deflected out of play in the Swedish zone, faceoff inside.
    Another Swedish rush, Asplund just missed on the near side with a wrister.
    Oliver Erixon gets a minor penalty and 10-minute misconduct for checking from behind into the boards in front of the benches, so the Swiss to the power play.
    1st period finished.
    That period was all Sweden with 4 goals and plenty of other scoring chances. They're well on their way to earning that quarterfinal berth, but there's still 40 minutes left.

    Quality scoring chances: SWE 6, SUI 1.

    2nd period begins at 14:49 CET.
    Vojtech Jurak: Swedish fans are happy.

    The teams are on the ice and the 2nd period will begin shortly. The Swiss start the period with still :41 remaining on a power play as Oliver Erixon was called for checking from behind. He'll stay in the box until close to the midpoint of the period.
    Start of 2nd period.
    Sweden kill off the penalty and are now controlling the puck in the Swiss zone, finally Von Pottelberghe covers.
    Magnusson's wrister hits Van Pottelberghe in the arm, play continues.
    Offside Sweden.
    Swedes keep the pressure up, Dahlstrom's shot hits Van Pottelberghe in the chest and he covers again.
    Goal for Team Sweden!
    Emanuelsson had the initial shot and ANTON KALTE scored on the rebound.
    Assists: Einar Emanuelsson, John Dahlstrom.
    Anton KALTE - 5:1
    With this game falling out of reach, the Swiss are making a goaltending change. Out is Joren Van Pottelberge and in is Tim Guggisberg.
    The Swiss now going to the power play as Carl Grundstrom is called for holding.
    Goal for Team Switzerland!
    They cash in on the power play, with DAMIEN RIAT finishing off the play.
    Assists: Makai Holdener, Fabian Haberstitch.
    Damien RIAT - 6:2
    Goal for Team Sweden!
    The Swedes quickly restore their 4-goal lead, with JOEL EK ERIKSSON putting it in.
    Assists: Carl Grundstrom, Filip Ahl.
    Ek ERIKSSON - 6:2
    Offside Switzerland.
    Swiss 2-on-1, Lee Roberts fires wide, then the Swedes quick on the counter but go offside.
    Fabian Haberstich with the wrister, stopped and held by Werner and we get some pushing and shoving after the whistle. Offsetting penalties to Lucas Carlsson and Haberstich for roughing after the whistle. We'll play 4 on 4.
    Goal for Team Sweden!
    The 7th Swedish goal is scored by LUCAS CARLSSON, who fires it top corner.
    Lucas CARLSSON - 7:2
    Oliver Kylington is now going to the box for cross-checking so the Swiss head to the power play, but they're in a big hole.
    Offside Sweden.
    Auguste Impose fires a slapper off the goalpost.
    Offside Switzerland with :22 left in their power play.
    Swedes back at full strength, breakaway for Linus Olund, tries to go upstairs on the backhand but goes over the crossbar, over the glass and out of play. Faceoff outside.
    Marco Miranda with the wrister, blocker save Werner.
    Rasumus Aspland with another Swedish breakaway, save Tim Guggisberg.
    2nd period finished.
    With two periods complete, the Swedes have this game well in hand, it seems. They add 3 more goals in the 2nd period and now lead 7-2. The winner of this game will face the Czech Republic in Breclav in the semifinals on Friday.

    Quality scoring chances: SWE 6 (12), SUI 3 (4).

    3rd period begins at 15:37 CET.
    Start of 3rd period.
    Play is stopped as Filip Ahl was involved in a collision deep in the Swiss zone and didn't get up. He's finally helped to the bench. Faceoff in the Swedish zone, as that's where the puck was by the time the whistle went.
    Hand pass Sweden in the attacking zone, faceoff outside.
    Icing Sweden.
    Wrister from Frick, save Werner, then offside against Sweden on the counter.
    Swedes pressing, Dahlen looking for the hat-trick, takes a wrister in close but hits Guggisberg in the chest and he covers.
    Great individual effort by John Dahlstrom, tries to beat Guggisberg but the Swiss goalie doesn't bite and he runs out of room. There's a big scramble to follow and Dahlstrom indicates it's in, but the referee says no. Faceoff outside as Swedish defence comes in deep on the ensuing scuffle.
    Long wrister from Riat, caught and held by Werner.
    Jonathan Leman hits the goalpost. Guggisberg might have got a piece of it with his glove too.
    Looke centres for Dahlen, one times it wide. He's still looking for that elusive third goal of the game and Looke's assisted on both.
    Dahlstrom cuts in on goal again, forced wide without getting a shot.
    Swiss shoot-in goes out of play, faceoff at centre ice.
    Christian Pinana with a high wrister, Werner catches it and plays it. He wants this game to end as much as everyone else in the rink.
    Impose circles the net and tries to go upstairs on Werner, hits him in the shoulder and it goes out of play. Faceoff in the Swedish zone.
    Game over.
    Players of the Game:

    SUI- Auguste Impose
    SWE – Jonathan Dahlen
    Both of these teams play their next games in Breclav on Friday. With the win, Sweden advance to the semi-finals, and will play the Czech Republic. Switzerland will play for 5th place earlier in the day against the loser of Finland-USA, which is going on right now. (16:09:23)

    Derek OBrien

    Goals and assists: 2. Dahlen (Looke, Carlsson), 10. Davidsson (Magnusson, Grunstrom), 11. Eriksson (Kalte, Younan), 13. Dahlen (Looke), 24. Kalte (Emanuelsson, Dahlstrom), 28. Eriksson (Grundstrom, Ahl), 35. L. Carlsson – 5. Hollenstein (Frick), 26. Riat (Holdener, Haberstitich)

    Sweden2: Werner (Sandström) – Kylington, Larsson, Younan, L. Carlsson, Emanuelsson, G. Carlsson, Alftberg, Léman – Grundström, Ek Eriksson, Ahl – Lööke, Ölund, Dahlén – Davidsson, Asplund, Magnusson – Kalte, Erixon, Dahlström.
    Switzerland: Van Pottelberghe, 24. Guggisberg – Burren, Karrer (C), Pinana, Moor, Weber, Frick, Auriemma, Fischer – Riat, Diem, Holdener – Impose, Marchon, Roberts – Haberstich, Thürkauf, Schmid – Miranda, Hollenstein, Lanz.

    Referees: Jonák, Lokšík – Tvrdoň, Stanzel