Sweden2 – Switzerland 7:2 (end) | USA – Finland 9:4 (end) | Slovakia2 – Canada2 1:5 (end)
Czech Republic – Russia 11:2 (end)
7:2 (4:1, 3:1, 0:0)
Wednesday 13.08.2014, 14:00Hlinka Gretzky Cup
    Goal for Team Sweden!
    The 7th Swedish goal is scored by LUCAS CARLSSON, who fires it top corner.
    Ek ERIKSSON - 6:2
    Goal for Team Sweden!
    The Swedes quickly restore their 4-goal lead, with JOEL EK ERIKSSON putting it in.
    Assists: Carl Grundstrom, Filip Ahl.
    Damien RIAT - 6:2
    Goal for Team Switzerland!
    They cash in on the power play, with DAMIEN RIAT finishing off the play.
    Assists: Makai Holdener, Fabian Haberstitch.
    Anton KALTE - 5:1
    Goal for Team Sweden!
    Emanuelsson had the initial shot and ANTON KALTE scored on the rebound.
    Assists: Einar Emanuelsson, John Dahlstrom.
    Jonathan DAHLEN - 4:1
    Goal for Team Sweden!
    It's once again Looke to Dahlen, as Looke fed a pass from the corner out front and JONATHAN DAHLEN scores on the backhand.
    Assist: Jens Looke.
    Sebastian ERIXON - 3:1
    Goal for Team Sweden!
    The Swedes attacking furiously now and it's OLIVER ERIKSSON 54 seconds later to give them a 2-goal lead.
    Assists: Anton Kalte, Alexander Younan.
    Jonathan DAVIDSSON - 2:1
    Goal for Team Sweden!
    The Swedes dangerous offensively, and Magnusson makes a nice cross-ice pass to JONATHAN DAVIDSSON, who one-times it in before Van Pottelberghe can get across.
    Assist: Phillip Magnusson, Carl Grundstrom.
    Fabio HOLLENSTEIN - 1:1
    Goal for Team Switzerland!
    Just after killing off the penalty, Frick carries the puck up ice, holds it forever before finally shooting and FABIO HOLLENSTEIN deflects it in.
    Assist: Robin Frick.
    Jonathan DAHLEN - 1:0
    Goal for Team Sweden!
    Sweden's first shot of the game is a goal, as JONATHAN DAHLEN is sprung in all alone on Van Pottelberghe and beats him to the glove side just inside the post.
    Assists: Jens Looke, Lucas Carlsson.

    Derek OBrien

    Goals and assists: 2. Dahlen (Looke, Carlsson), 10. Davidsson (Magnusson, Grunstrom), 11. Eriksson (Kalte, Younan), 13. Dahlen (Looke), 24. Kalte (Emanuelsson, Dahlstrom), 28. Eriksson (Grundstrom, Ahl), 35. L. Carlsson – 5. Hollenstein (Frick), 26. Riat (Holdener, Haberstitich)

    Sweden2: Werner (Sandström) – Kylington, Larsson, Younan, L. Carlsson, Emanuelsson, G. Carlsson, Alftberg, Léman – Grundström, Ek Eriksson, Ahl – Lööke, Ölund, Dahlén – Davidsson, Asplund, Magnusson – Kalte, Erixon, Dahlström.
    Switzerland: Van Pottelberghe, 24. Guggisberg – Burren, Karrer (C), Pinana, Moor, Weber, Frick, Auriemma, Fischer – Riat, Diem, Holdener – Impose, Marchon, Roberts – Haberstich, Thürkauf, Schmid – Miranda, Hollenstein, Lanz.

    Referees: Jonák, Lokšík – Tvrdoň, Stanzel