Sweden2 – Switzerland 7:2 (end) | USA – Finland 9:4 (end) | Slovakia2 – Canada2 1:5 (end)
Czech Republic – Russia 11:2 (end)
9:4 (1:1, 3:2, 5:1)
Wednesday 13.08.2014, 15:30 • Břeclav • Hlinka Gretzky Cup
    The final result flatters USA who had to fight hard for their win and with seven minutes to play, the score was still just 5-4.

    Eventually, USA comes out on top and will play Canada in Friday´s semifinal in Piestany. Finland will play Switzerland for 5th place. (17:42:58)
    Game over.
    Offside against Team Finland. They were even opponents for Team USA for most of the game, yet now they trail by five goals.
    Troy TERRY - 9:4
    Goal for Team USA!
    Sour moments for Finnish team, they are now falling apart. TROY TERRY fires a nice shot into the same spot as Boeser just a minute earlier. Assisted by Thomas Novak.
    Brock BOESER - 8:4
    Goal for Team USA!
    The result is getting very cruel for Finland. BROCK BOESER winds up in the offensive zone and fires his slap shot under the crossbar. Assisted by Erik Foley.
    Finland responds well to the timeout and pushes US players in their own zone. US team calls for a timeout.
    Timeout for Team Finland.
    Troy TERRY - 7:4
    Goal for Team USA!
    USA score two goals in 15 seconds. Jackson leads the puck down the right wing, sends a good cross-pass in front of the net and TROY TERRY has an easy job of scoring into the empty net. Assisted by Robert Jackson, Grant Gabriele.
    Dennis YAN - 6:4
    Goal for Team USA!
    Important moment. Tammela´s chance at one end is missed. USA go on a counter, DENNIS YAN comes out of the penalty box, moves forward and deflects Bachman´s shot right in front of Vehvilainen out of reach of the Finnish goalie. Assisted by Karch Bachman.
    USA at full strength.
    Offside against Finland.
    Team Finland is at full strength.
    Finland the more active team at the moment, but their passing is poor and they have to clear the offensive zone after a bad pass.
    Dennis Yan (USA) called for tripping. 4-on-4.
    Jarvinen (FIN) will serve 2 minutes for slashing.

    Lukáš Peroutka

    Goals and assists: 17. Novak (Young, Gabriele), 23. Terry (Novak, Jackson), 34. Bachman, 37. Jackson (Boeser), 43. Novak, 54. Yan (Bachman), 54. Terry (Jackson, Gabriele), 57. Boeser (Foley), 58. Terry (Novak) – 6. Tammela (Aho), 21. Palmu, 36. Saarijärvi (Palmu), 45. Aho (Vainio)

    USA: Sarthou (Jurusik) – Wilkie, Dello (A), Blaisdell, Cecconi, Olson, Gabriele, Young – Yan, Novak, Boeser (C) – Jackson, Laczynski, Terry – Filipe, More, Swaney – Bachman, Foley, Smith.
    Finland: Vehviläinen (Heljanko) – Juolevi, Saarijärvi, Järvinen, Vainio, Parikka, Mattila, Välimäki – Palmu, Nättinen (A), Puljujärvi – Aho (A), Tammela, Laine – Piipponen, Ruotsalainen (C), Tavernier – Björkqvist, Mattila, Niemelä – Mäkinen.

    Referees: Čech, Hribik – Blümel, Skopal