Slovakia2 – Russia 2:5 (end) | Finland – Switzerland 9:3 (end) | Canada2 – USA 11:5 (end)
Czech Republic – Sweden2 4:3 (end)
9:3 (4:0, 5:2, 0:1)
Friday 15.08.2014, 15:30Hlinka Gretzky Cup
    Ivan Hlinka Memorial standings, teams placed 5th – 8th:
    5. Finland
    6. Switzerland
    7. Russia
    8. Slovakia (17:51:22)
    After a very rough thierd period and three players getting game misconducts, Finland beats Switzerland 9-3. Dominik Diem scored the only goal of the third period.
    Best players of the game:

    Finland: Sebastian Aho
    Switzerland: Dominik Diem
    Game over.
    Finnish counterattack stopped by offside.
    Team Finland is playing at full strength.
    Marchon made the goalie go down on the ice but lost the puck before he had a chance to capitalize on his play.
    Switzerland playing at full strength.
    Puljujärvi fired a high one but missed the goal and van Pottelberghe didn't have to go for it.
    Team SUI – 2 min – too many players on ice served by Michael Lanz.
    Goal for Team Switzerland!
    DOMINIK DIEM left alone on the right circle makes no mistake. Assisted by: Lee Roberts, Serge Weber
    Jarkko Parikka (FIN) – 5 + game misconduct- checking from behind
    Breakaway on the other side. Julius Nättinen beat van Pottelbergha but didn't beat the post and the puck ends under the goalie's pads.
    Dominik Diem's shorthanded breakaway. The Swiss made a nice move but Heljan didn't let the puck in.
    Finland is playing at full strength with more than two minutes powerplay.
    Joonas Niemelä (FIN) – 2 min – slashing.
    Calvin Thürkauf (SUI) did't calm down and gets game misconduct
    Fabian Haberstich (SUI) – 5 + game misconduct – kneeing served by Michael Lanz.
    Calvin Thürkauf (SUI) – 2 min – crosschecking + misconduct – unsportsmanlike conduct, Fabio Hollenstein serves the minor
    Petrus Palmu (FIN) – 2 minutes for slashing.

    Hana Ježková

    Goals and assists: 3. Puljujärvi (Palmu, Nättinen), 5. Ruotsalainen (Aho, Vainio), 5. Palmu (Nättinen, Juolevi), 15. Aho (Rustolainen), 24. Nättinen (Palmu), 33. Aho (Puljujärvi), 36. Björqvist (Saarijärvi, Mattila), 36. Mattila (Välimaki), 40. Aho (Nättinen), 55. Diem (Roberts, Weber) – 27. Diem (Riat), 31. Marchon (Roberts, Impose)

    Finland: Heljanko (Vehviläinen) – Juolevi, Saarijärvi, Järvinen, Vainio, Välimäki, Mattila Je., Parikka – Palmu, Nättinen (A), Tammela – Aho (A), Ruotsalainen (C), Puljujärvi – Björkqvist, Mattila Ju., Niemelä – Piipponen, Mäkinen, Tavernier.
    Switzerland: Guggisberg (41. van Pottelberghe) – Burren, Karrer (C), Pinana, Moor, Weber, Frick, Auriemma, Fischer – Riat (A), Diem (A), Holdener – Impose, Marchon, Roberts – Schmid, Thürkauf, Haberstich – Miranda, Hollenstein, Lanz.

    Referees: Hodek, Pešina – Bláha, Lhotský