Slovakia2 – Russia 2:5 (end) | Finland – Switzerland 9:3 (end) | Canada2 – USA 11:5 (end)
Czech Republic – Sweden2 4:3 (end)
Czech Republic
4:3 (1:0, 3:3,0:0)
Friday 15.08.2014, 19:00Hlinka Gretzky Cup
    Despite big pressure in the final moments of the third period, Czech team prevails and wins the semifinal against Swden 4-3. There´s joy on the ice and in the stands, as well.

    Czech Republic will face Team Canada in Breclav tomorrow at 17:00 CET, while Sweden takes on USA for bronze at 15:00 CET in Piestany. (21:02:36)
    Game over.
    With two seconds on the clock, icing is called against the Czech team. Last chance for an equalizer.
    Swedes battle for the puck in the offensive zone, but cannot get to shooting positions.
    Icing against Team Czech Republic. Sweden pulls the goalie and now has six skaters on the ice.
    Larsson´s deflected shot is saved by Vladar, Czech defense covers the follow-up shot, too.
    Two minutes left to play, Sweden in the offensive zone.
    Grundstrom´s rebound is saved by Vladar.
    Jasek could have been the hero, but his weak shot into the open net is saved by the outstretched Sandstrom.
    Czechs try to play an active forechecking and cause trouble to Swedish players.
    Swedes get to a 3-on-2 breakaway. Kylington takes a shot from the right crease, Vladar makes a pad save.
    Chlapik forces a save from Felix Sandstrom. The Swedish goalie holds on to the puck and covers.
    John Dalström deflects the puck right in front of Vladar and misses by inches! That was close.
    Good defensive work by Hajek, stopping a pass into the slot and then a shot by Ahl.
    Larsson fires his shot wide of the net. Sweden continues to push forward.
    Almost 3000 people inside the arena cheer for the Czech team, but Sweden plays with the puck more in the last few minutes.
    Kase waits in the offensive zone, then opts to shoot. Comfortable save by Sandstrom.

    Lukáš Peroutka

    Hana Ježková

    Goals and assists: 10. Suchy (Kase), 23. Krenzelok (Weinhold), 34. Dymacek (Gago), 36. Andel (Soustal) – 25. Carlsson (Dahlén), 28. Erixon, 38. Dahlén (Ölund)

    Czech Republic: Vladař (Stezka) – Zbořil, Weinhold, Krenželok, Kaňák, Hájek, Doudera, Kalina – Koblížek, F. Chlapík (A), Jašek – Dufek, D. Kaše (C), Suchý (A) – Anděl, Šoustal, Dymáček – Stránský, Dvořák, Gago – Ďurač .
    Sweden2: Sandström (Werner) – Kylington, G. Carlsson, Larsson, Emanuelsson, Alftberg, Léman Younan, L. Carlsson – Davidsson, Asplund (C), Dahlström – Lööke, Ölund, Dahlén – Magnusson, Ek Eriksson, Ahl – Grundström, Kalte, Erixon.

    Referees: Fraňo, Hradil – Gebauer, Lederer

    Attendance: 2967