USA – Sweden2 5:4 (after OT) | Czech Republic – Canada2 2:6 (end)
5:4 (3:2, 0:0, 1:2)
Saturday 16.08.2014, 15:00Hlinka Gretzky Cup
    Game over. (17:13:12)
    Denis YAN - 5:4
    Goal for Team USA! USA wins the bronze!Thomas Novak puts infront of the net, Zach Wilkie gets a piece of it, but DENNIS YAN put's it in past Adam Werner. Assisted by: Zach Wilkie, Thomas Novak.
    Robert Jackson gets to the rebound but is unable to put it past Adam Werner. Still 4-4.
    Joel Eriksson has the chance to win it for Sweden. He misses the net.
    Overtime began.
    The game goes to overtime with teams tied at 4-4.
    3rd period finished.
    Rasmus ASPLUND - 4:4
    Goal for Team Sweden!
    Sweden Ties it. Puck takes a bounce from USA goalie Matthew Jurusik and RASMUS ASPLUND puts in the rebound. Assisted by: Joel Ek Eriksson, Jonathan Davidson.
    With just over two minutes to go USA controls the game as Sweden can't get to the puck.
    After review, no goal for USA
    A shot by the USA player is being reviewed by the referee.
    Linus ÖLUND - 4:3
    Goal for Team Sweden!
    Sweden scores on the powerplay as LINUS ÖLUND shots it past the goalie Assisted by: Alexander Younan.
    Sweden gets a powerplay as USA Tory Dello gets called for charging
    Two swedish players crash the net, but USA goalie Jurusik stands the heat.

    Kalle Mantere

    Goals and assists: 11. Novak, 15. Foley (Laczynski, Filipe), 17. Troy (Jackson, Wilkie), 44. Barchman, 65. Yan (Wilkie, Novak) – 4. Erixon (Kylington, Dahlström), 10. Dahlen (Looke), 51. Ölund (Younan), 59. Asplund (Eriksson, Davidsson)

    USA: Jurusik (Sarthou) – Wilkie, Dello, Blaisdell, Cecconi, Olson, Gabriele,Spenser – Yan, Novak, Boeser – Jackson, Terry, Smith – Bachman, Moore, Swaney – Foley, Filipe, Laczynski
    Sweden2: Werner (Sandström) – Kylington, Ek Eriksson, Ahl, Yonan, Carlsson L., Alfterberg, Carlsson G., Emanuelsson, Léman – Grundström, Ek Eriksson, Ahl – Dahlén, Ölund, Lööke – Davidsson, Asplund, Magnusson – Erixon, Kalte, Dahlström

    Referees: Baluska, Müllner – Sefcik, Junek