Plzen – Kovo Praha 2:0 (end) | Oberwil – West Coast 5:3 (end) | Leaders Ružinov Ružinov – Kovo Praha 0:0 (end)
Plzen – Oberwil 4:1 (end) | Leaders Ružinov Ružinov – West Coast 6:4 (end)
HBC Plzen
2:0 (1:0, 0:0, 1:0)
TJ Kovo Praha
Friday 12.02.2016, 11:00 • Hokejbalová hala • Pilsen Challenge
    The opening game is over. Home team won 2-0 after scoring in the first period and then adding another one from a powerplay in the beginning of third. Both teams will play once again this afternoon. Plzen will face Oberwil, Kovo against Ruzinov. (12:33:27)
    Game over.
    Visiting team at full strength.
    Plzen still without any shots on goal in this powerplay.
    Clearance from Kovo. Now Plzen has to start over from behind their own goal.
    Home side starts a passing play in the offensive zone.
    Praha back in four. Martin Kristof (KOV) gets a minor for interference.
    The game gets into the finish. Home team not giving out too much pressure on the powerplay.
    Home team at full strength. Now Plzen's power play begins.
    However, Kovo didn't take advantage of it and now Pavel Hajek (KOV) gets sent out as well. Two minutes for slashing.
    Home team keeps offering the opponent a chance to come back. Now with Ondrej Benedikt (PLZ) out for slashing.
    Great chance for the visitors, but Kolarik managed to get back just on time to spoil the show.
    Home team at full strength.
    Jaroslav Kejr and Kolarik could have gone into a 2-on-1 situation, but Kejr didn't deliver a good pass and that's where it ended.
    Now the home team players clear the zone.
    Kovo finally gets the ball under control in the offensive zone.
    Another powerplay for Kovo. Ondrej Kejr (PLZ) is called for high-sticking.
    Benedikt's back. Plzen at full strength.
    Great shot from blue line, but Navara kept the ball in front of him and covered him on the floor.
    Kovo tries to get back into the game with this powerplay, but couldn't force any chances so far.

    Marek Kratochvíl

    Goals and assists: 11. Pauer (Kunzmann), 32. Vodrazka (Maly, Slanec)

    HBC Plzen: Navara (Kracina) – Edl, O. Benedikt, Slanec, Vodrazka, Hanus, Vagner, Prucha, Pokorny – Kolarik, Krch, Polivka, Svarc, O. Kejr, Maly, J. Benedikt, J. Kejr, Krasny, Gronka, Pauer, Kunzmann
    TJ Kovo Praha: Lain – Svanda, Ruda, Plecity, Zeman, Kyclt, Franek – Kosely, Winter, Kapusta, Wittmayer, Cizek, Bernard, Kristof, Miksa, Hajek, Bravenec, Strejcek

    Referees: Danylec, Ptáček