France2 – Czech Republic 0:3 (end) | Norway – Slovakia2 6:3 (end) | Austria – Denmark 4:5 (after OT)
0:3 (0:0, 0:1, 0:2)
Czech Republic
Sunday 06.04.2014, 13:00 • Zimní Stadion Přerov • Women's World Championship Divison I
    We have 2 more games today from Prerov ...

    16:30: Norway – Slovakia
    20:00: Austria – Denmark

    ... and the tournament continues all week. (14:57:24)
    Players of the Game:

    FRA – G Caroline Baldin, 42 saves.

    CZE – D Aneta Tejralova, game-winning, power-play goal.
    So the first game of this Women's World Championship, Division I Group A, is in the books. A 3-0 win for the Czech Republic, and it could have been worse if not for the goaltending of Caroline Baldin. France stayed even for a while, not surrendering a goal until the last minute of the 2nd period, but ultimately the Czechs were just too much for them to handle.
    Game over.
    Last minute of the game, and the home Czech fans standing and chanting. The Czech team content to play defence on the ice right now.
    Now the Czechs back into the French zone, Baldin makes another save and covers the puck.
    Good chance for France, the pass in front to Lager-Lacombe and her one-timer hits Peslarova up high, but she keeps it out.
    High wrister from Bukolska, off the blocker of Baldin and out of play, faceoff in the French zone.
    Icing France.
    France back at full strength, battle for the puck in the corner in the French zone.
    Shot from the point by Flaschova appears to hit Baldin up high, Czech pressure on the power play continues.
    France's Mylene Goncalves takes a Czech player hard into the boards and is called for boarding. Czechs to the power play.
    Long slapper from Aneta Tejralova, caught and held by Baldin.
    Laskova keeps it in at the point and takes another long wrister, this time Baldin catches it and holds on.
    Denisa Krizova alone in front but Caroline Baldin makes a big pad save and covers. She's just trying to stop the bleeding now.
    Timeout France.
    Goal for Team Czech Republic!
    France stayed with them for a while, but the Czechs are pulling away now. DOMINIKA LASKOVA sent a high wrister from the point and with so much traffic in front, Baldin didn't see it as it sailed over her shoulder into the top corner.
    Assists: Simona Studentova, Eva Holesova.
    Shot from a sharp angle is stopped by Baldin, then Bukolska puts it just wide with the goalie down.
    Dangerous wrister from Herzigova is deflected just wide.
    Now play is stopped because a Czech forward was positioned in the French goal crease, faceoff outside with :33 left in the penalty.

    Derek OBrien

    Goals and assists: 40. Tejralova (Polenska), 42. Pribylova (Flaschova, Vanisova), 48. Laskova (Studentova, Holesova)

    France2: Baldin (Morin) – Locatelli, Gendarme, Goncalves, Lager-Lacombe, Bouetz-Andrieu "A", Parment, Leclerc, Riddé – Duvin, Allemoz "C", Baudrit – Fohrer, Passard, Bouche "A" – Escudero, Jouanny, Cuasnet – Obre, Vix, Rihet. Coach: Gregory Tarle.
    Czech Republic: Peslarová (Lhotská) – Tejralová "A", Lásková, Herzigová, Fialová, Flachsová "A", Horálková, Hudečková – Křížová, Mrázová, Kaplanová – Polenská "C", Studentová, Holešová – Lédlová, Vanišová, Přibylová – Povová, Vonková, Bukolská. Coach: Jiří Vozák.

    Referees: Debby Hengst (GER) – Huffner (GER), Schipper-Peoteray (NED)