France2 – Czech Republic 0:3 (end) | Norway – Slovakia2 6:3 (end) | Austria – Denmark 4:5 (after OT)
6:3 (2:0, 2:1, 2:2)
Sunday 06.04.2014, 16:30 • Meo Aréna Přerov • Women's World Championship Divison I
    Tournament INFO:

    Next match between Austria and Denmark starts at 20:00. (18:35:23)
    Game is over now. Both teams scored twice in this period. Team Norway wins after good work from first half of the game.

    The best players of the game:
    Norway: Andrea Dalen (2 goals)
    Slovakia: Miriam Mikeskova (1 goal)

    Shots on goal in third period (together):
    Team Norway 12 (46) – Team Slovakia 12 (28)

    Norwegian players are celebrating their success with fans. The game is over. Have a good time!
    Game over.
    Team Norway is controlling its leading.
    Goal for Team Norway! No, Team Norway is taking their three-goals-leading back. After Fischer's pass scored with good trick on goal crease ANDREA DALEN! Assists: Mathea Fischer.
    Goal for Team Slovakia!
    Is Team Slovakia catching chance to delete Norwegian leading? VIKTORIA IHNATOVA escaped to break and scores with nice forehand trick! Without assists.
    Julie Oiseth shoots from right wing to Budajova's goalie pads. Before goal crease is waiting Ingrid Morset but her second shot is saved by Slovakian goaltender.
    Team Slovakia wasn't dangerous and did not shot. Norway is at full strenght.
    Team Slovakia makes a mistake and Norwegian team is getting puck behind Slovakian net.
    Rikke Fuglseth Tautra (NOR) two minute penalty for cross-checking.
    Goal for Team Norway! Norwegian team is scoring and this is goal which probably decides about their win. Martine Henriksen has given pass to her playmate HENRIETTE STELBAK who made nice slap shot from goal crease under upper post! Assists: Martine Henriksen and Madelen Haug-Hansen.
    On the other side there is shot from right circle saved by Nilsen.
    Marte Carlsson was stopped skating on left circle after that is stealing puck Andrea Dalen but her shot is saved by Jana Budajova.
    Team Slovakia is attacking Norwegian goal but with no success. Toini Veronica Nilsen is making good saves.
    Goal for Team Slovakia!
    Slovakian players are cutting score to 4-2! It will be very hard work for Norwegian team. A fairytale has changed to hell! Nikola Gapova sent to fast break LENKA SROKOVA and her shot from right circle ended under upper post. Assist: Lenka Srokova and Barbora Kezmarska.
    Andrea Dalen is stopped behind Jana Budajova's net.
    Team Norway is doing great job and puck is in Norwegian attacking zone.
    Silje Holos (NOR) two minute penalty for tripping.
    Great Norwegian defending work. Team Slovakia is throwing puck across the ice rink and it is icing.
    Slovakian attack is broken on blue line and Norwegian players are getting puck behind Budajova's net.

    Richard Wagner

    Goals and assists: 6. Haug-Hansen (Morset), 15. Farstad (Holos), 21. Dalen (Holos), 25. Farstad (Fischer, Gunther), 54. Sletbak (Henriksen, Haug-Hansen), 59. Dalen (Fischer) – 30. Mikeskova (Velickova), 50. Srokova (Gapova, Kezmarska), 58. Ihnatova

    Norway: Nilsen (Due-Sorensen) – Holos, Tautra, Gunter, Morset "C", Aakre, Oiseth – Farstad "A", Dalen "A", Fischer "A" – Sletbak, Henriksen, Haug-Hansen – Carlsson, Lovdal, Fjellvang – Wais, Bakkene, Scott.
    Coach: Arne Billkvam.

    Slovakia2: Budajova (Kiapesova) – Balasova, Lucova, Turcsanyiova, Lalikova, Zitnanska, Ihnatova, Rakova, Klimasova – Srokova, Gapova "A", Kezmarska "A" – Muchova, Velickova "C", Mikesova – Henrichova, Jurcova, Pravlikova – Mihalikova, Krajnakova, Miskova.
    Coach: Milan Skokan.

    Referees: Ariano-Lortie (CAN) – Inoue (JPN), Visala (FIN).