Slovakia2 – France2 1:3 (end) | Denmark – Norway 1:5 (end) | Czech Republic – Austria 2:1 (end)
1:3 (1:0, 0:2, 0:1)
Monday 07.04.2014, 13:00Women's World Championship Divison I
    Shots on goal in the 3rd period (together):

    Slovakia 14 (30) – France 8 (28) (15:11:58)
    Slovakia had pretty good start, but not so good second period. This is where they lost the game! Some final pressure came too late and Caroline Baldin has most credits for the French victory. The Slovaks are still without point, which I think is a bit upset!

    Bye for now, but women's world championship continues just after a while.
    Best players of the game are Viktoria Ihnatova from Team Slovakia and Estelle Duvin from Team France.
    Game over.
    Goal for Team France!
    But this time it was much better and Team France is going for it first victory! MARION ALLEMOZ hit the empty net from the red line and now it is pretty clear! No assist.
    France missed the empty net!
    Another face-off in the zone.
    The Slovaks are playing with an empty net 5 on 4. Now or never!
    Team out for Team Slovakia.
    Save by Caroline Baldin and face-off in the French zone.
    Velickova and Locatelli – both 2 minutes penalty for roughing. Teams playing four on four.
    Martina Velickova was the most active one in the rush, but Baldin still holds the lead for her team!
    Team France full strength.
    Klimasova missed the puck and it is now in the Slovakian zone.
    Shot wide by Ihnatova in good position.
    A couple of rebounds, but Slovakia still can't score! Baldin is also very lucky now.
    Slovakia has to start from the neutral zone. This is a big opportunity!
    Oh, this was just awful. Estelle Duvin (FRA) gets called for kneeing and I am very glad that the Slovak player is OK.
    Viktoria Inhatova, a two-time Czech champion with Karvina, forced Baldin to make a save with her glove.
    But they hardly get any chances and will have it tough in the final minutes.

    Martin Voltr

    Goals and assists: 4. Herichova (Jurcova) – 23. Fohrer (Passard), 26. Bouetz Andrieu (Duvin), 60. Allemoz

    Slovakia2: Budajova (26. Kiapesova) – Balasova, Kezmarska, Klimasova, Lalikova, Zitnanska, Ihnatova, Rakova, Turcsanyiova – Srokova, Gapova, Lucova – Mihalikova, Velickova „C“, Mikeskova – Herichova, Jurcova, Pravlikova – Krajnakova, Muchova, Miskova. Coach: Milan Skokan.
    France2: Baldin (Morin) – Locatelli, Gendarme, Goncalves, Lager Lacombe, Bouetz Andrieu, Parment, Leclerc, Ridde – Duvin, Allemoz „C“, Baudrit – Fohrer, Passard, Bouche – Escudero, Jouanny, Cuasnet – Obre, Vix, Rihet. Coach: Gregory Tarle.

    Referees: Glenn (USA) – Hüffner (GER), Mala (CZE).

    Attendance: 177