Slovakia2 – France2 1:3 (end) | Denmark – Norway 1:5 (end) | Czech Republic – Austria 2:1 (end)
Czech Republic
2:1 (0:0, 1:0, 1:1)
Monday 07.04.2014, 20:00 • Meo aréna Přerov • Women's World Championship Divison I
    The game is over. Austrian team tied the score thanks to Kantor's goal but Czech captain Alena Polenska decided about Czech victory!

    Best players:
    Czech Republic: Alena Polenska (F, winning-goal scorer)
    Austria: Paula Marchhart (GK, 36 saves)

    Shots on goal in 3rd period (together):
    Czech Republic 10 (38) – Austria 10 (26)

    Have a good night! (22:04:24)
    Game over.
    Denisa Krizova misses empty net! Czechs are winners!
    Denisa Krizova is very close to steal puck and fire to an empty net, she is blocked and Austrian pressure stops Peslarova's save!
    Team Austria has empty net! There is 6 Austrian players on ice!
    Czech team is in attacking zone and Sinoma Studentova escapes with Eva Holesova but their 2 on 1 break is unsuccessful.
    Goal for Team Czech Republic! It was very quick power-play goal! Czechs leads 2-1! Perfect combination ends with ALENA POLENSKA'S shot from right corner of goal crease which goes behind goal line over Marchhart's trapper! Assists: Dominika Laskova and Aneta Tejralova.
    Tereza Vanisova escapes to Austrian defenders but her trick is broken by Esther Kantorova's (AUT) slashing.
    Vendula Pribylova is a little bit hurry and plays icing.
    Czech attack ends with Victoria Hummel's firing puck on icing.
    Czech girls are shooting as army men in war, their shots are bad and misses the target.
    Katerina Mrazova fires from left circle, her shot aims under upper post, but defender blocks it.
    Today's attendance is 1524.
    Puck is on bench. Face-off in neutral zone. Czechs made before it scrumble before Marchhart, without shot.
    Tereza Vanisova's chance ends only with nice defending block and Austrian opportunity spoils bad pass.
    Team Austria tries luck with individual actions but Czechs are good at defence.
    Czechs has fantastic chance! Fast and powerful shot by Denisa Krizova rings only on upper post! After that another great chances catches fantastic Paula Marchhart.
    Tought pressure by Czech team! First shot is blocked and Tejralova's fire is blocked by another defender.
    I think maybe the most important moment in this match! Charlotte Wittich (AUT) – 2 minute penalty for tripping.
    Good chance for Czechs! Julia Kainberger (AUT) gets two minute penalty for women's cross-checking.

    Richard Wagner

    Goals and assists: 22. Ledlova (Laskova), 57. Polenska (Laskova, Tejralova) – 48. Kantor

    Czech Republic: Peslarova (Lhotska) – Tejralova "A", Laskova, Herzigova, Fialova, Flachsova "A", Horalkova, Hudeckova – Krizova, Mrazova, Kaplanova – Polenska "C", Studentova, Holesova – Ledlova, Vanisova, Pribylova – Povova, Vonkova, Bukolska – Manhartova.
    Coach: Jiri Vozak.

    Austria: Marchhart (Hornich) – Wittich, Hybler "A", Fazokas, Hummel, Schneider, Kainberger, Hausbereger, Hammerle – Meixner, Altmann "C", Kantor – Grascher, Weber, Beiter Schwarzler – Vlcek, Brunner, Ullrich – Volgger, Hanser, Lopez.
    Coach: Pekka Hamalainen.

    Referees: Ariano-Lortie – Stratton (both CAN), Inoue (JPN).

    Attendance: 1524