France2 – Austria 7:2 (end) | Denmark – Slovakia2 5:3 (end) | Czech Republic – Norway 2:0 (end)
7:2 (1:1, 3:0, 3:1)
Wednesday 09.04.2014, 13:00 • Meo Arena, Přerov • Women's World Championship Divison I
    We have two more games on Day 3 of the 2014 IIHF Women's World Championship:

    16:30 Denmark – Slovakia
    20:00 Czech Republic – Norway (15:06:20)
    I don't think anyone who had watched the first period would have predicted this result. Not only that France won, but in a rout. France is now 2-1 with 6 points and Austria is 0-3 with 1 point, and in real danger now of being relegated.

    Players of the Game:

    FRA -Lea Parment
    AUT – Janine Weber
    Game over.
    Goal for Team France!
    Well, France do get one more goal and it's Passard with a one-time slapper that's deflected by ATHENA LOCATELLI in mid air. Power-play goal.
    Assists: Emmanuelle Passard, Gwendoline Gendame.
    We're in the last minute, and France is just content to contol the puck and kill the time.
    A mix up between two players and Denise Altmann gives Cuasnet a shot and is called for hooking.
    Goal for Team Austria!
    The Austrian power play finally cashes in, though it's far too little, far too late. Altmann with the initial shot, then ANNA MEIXNER picked up the rebound at the side of the net and went upstairs over the shoulder of Baldin. Power-play goal.
    Assist: Denise Altmann.
    Slapper from Esther Kantor, deflected on Baldin, she holds on with 1:05 left in the penalty.
    Puck out of play in the French zone, faceoff inside with 1:16 left in the penalty.
    The Austrian penalty is over, and France ice the puck shorthanded.
    France's Estelle Duvin is called for bodychecking, so we'll play 4-on-4 for :16, then Austria to the power play.
    Eva Maria Beiter-Schwarzler with a shorthanded rush, her shot is caught and held by Baldin.
    There's a collision near the Austrian blue line and Esther Kantor is getting the gate for cross-checking. France to the power play.
    Wrister from Escudero, caught and held by Marchhant.
    Goal for Team France!
    On a 2-on-1, Rihet shot the puck, Marchhant stopped it, but LORE BAUDRIT won a battle for the rebound and forced it across the goal line for the 6th French goal.
    Assist: Morgane Rihet.
    Icing Austria.
    Jouanny takes the puck out of the corner and tries to stuff it in, but she's stopped by Marchhart.
    The puck is frozen against the boards in the French zone, faceoff inside.
    Austria is changing back to their starting goaltender, Paula Marchhart.
    Goal for Team France!
    This is becoming a rout now. A turnover at the Austrian blueline leads to LARA ESCUDER walking in and firing a wrister that beats Honrich on the near side.

    Derek OBrien

    Goals and assists: 16. Parment (Boutez-Andrieu), 27. Passard (Parment), 31. Allemoz (Duvin), 34. Vix, 46. Escuder, 51. Baudrit (Rihet), 60. Locatelli (Passard, Gendarme) – 5. Weber (Kainberger), 56. Meixner (Altmann)

    France2: Baldin (Morin) – Locatelli, Gendarme, Goncalves, Lager-Lacombe, Bouetz-Andrieu, Parment, LeClerc, Ridde – Duvin, Allemoz, Baudrit – Fohrere, Passard, Bouche – Escuder, Jouanny, Cuasnet – Obre, Vix, Rihet
    Austria: Marchhart, 31. Hornich – Wittich, Hybler, Fazokas, Hummel, Schneider, Kainberger, Hausberger, Hammerle – Meixner, Altmann, Kantor – Grascher, Weber, Beiter-Schwarzler – Vlcek, Brunner, Ullrich – Volgger, Hanser, Lopez

    Referees: Ugajin (JPN) – Schipper-Poeteray (NED), Šťastná (CZE)