France2 – Austria 7:2 (end) | Denmark – Slovakia2 5:3 (end) | Czech Republic – Norway 2:0 (end)
5:3 (4:0, 1:3, 0:0)
Wednesday 09.04.2014, 16:30Women's World Championship Divison I
    Bye for now but stay ready to watch the crucial evening game between Czech Republic and Norway! (18:39:28)
    Shots on goal in the 3rd period (overall):

    Denmark 11 (32) – Slovakia 5 (23)
    Great comeback by Team Slovakia didn't suffice to get any point. It was really a great match, the Slovaks cut the five-goal lead to two but lost their third game of the tournament. On the other side, Denmark has five points overall.

    Best players of the game are Maria Herichova and Josefine Jakobsen.
    Game over.
    Icing Slovakia. Last faceoff of the game?
    Team Denmark is going for the victory.
    Still the puck is in the Slovak zone.
    Michelle Weis couldn't capitalize from her break. But time is running down for the Slovaks who don't have any opportunities now.
    Slovakia plays at full strength and now they must start their final pressure!
    Play is whistled down after a situation behind Budajova's net. Viktoria Ihnatova has some problems with her leg, I hope she will be OK soon. Now she is on the bench.
    Denmark has to try it again and again, their combination isn't good.
    I would say – a stupid foul by Lenka Srokova (SVK). Minor penalty for women body checking and this is not good for the Slovaks.
    Petra Jurcova wasn't fast enough to reach the puck. Icing Slovakia.
    A couple of players lied on ice but Slovakia didn't manage to reboud the puck.
    Josefine Jakobsen shot after a great slalom, Budajova makes a save with her shoulder.
    Offside whistled down when Denmark tried to invent something.
    And they get their power play too. Petra Pravlikova (SVK) – 2 minutes for hooking.
    The Danish don't want to make a mistake and are playing very well at the moment.
    We can see an even third period but Denmark has scoring chances. Now for two times it was Josefine Jakobsen who couldn't beat Jana Budajova!

    Martin Voltr

    Goals and assists: 4. Persson, 8. Asperup (Jakobsen), 11. Frandsen (Gregersen), 20. Weis (Henriksen, Jakobsen), 27. Weis (Henriksen) – 28. Velickova (Mikeskova), 29. Jurcova (Mikeskova), 33. Jurcova (Velickova)

    Denmark: L. Jensen (Joa) – Frandsen, Gregersen, Densing, Jakobsen, Jacquet, Olausson, Langsager – Persson, Soendergaard, Asperup – Henriksen "C", Weis, J. Hansen – M. B. Nielsen, N. Jensen, S. Jensen – Glud, Russell, K. L. Nielsen. Coach: Denis Larsen.
    Slovakia2: Kiapesova (11. Budajova) – Balasova, Kezmarska, Klimasova, Lalikova, Zitnanska, Ihnatova, Rakova, Turcsanyiova – Krajnakova, Srokova, Gapova – Mihalikova, Lucova, Mikeskova – Herichova, Jurcova, Velickova "C" – Muchova, Miskova, Pravlikova. Coach: Milan Skokan.

    Referees: Ariano-Lortie (CAN) – Inoue (JPN), Mala (CZE).