Denmark – France2 5:1 (end) | Austria – Norway 5:2 (end) | Slovakia2 – Czech Republic 1:3 (end)
5:1 (1:0, 1:0, 3:1)
Thursday 10.04.2014, 13:00 • Meo aréna Přerov • Women's World Championship Divison I
    In the middle of the period, Team France cut the score but Danes took their two-goals-leading back and in last minutes scored twice again.

    Best players of the game:
    Denmark: Michelle Weis (1+1)
    France: Marion Allemoz (1+0)

    Shots on goal in third period (together):
    Denmark 8 (31) – France 9 (25)

    Dear friends, game is over. Have a good time and follow! (14:57:38)
    Game over.
    Goal for Team Denmark!
    Thats too cruel... Josefine Jakobsen's shot is blocked before MARIA OLAUSSON who, standing alone before goal crease, scores to the empty net. Assists: Josefine Jakobsen.
    French break in short handed has to save fantastic Lisa Jensen.
    Betty Jouanny (FRA) is coming back to the penalty bench. She is punished for women body-checking.
    Goal for Team Denmark!
    I can say that we know who'll be the winner. Fast power-play action ends with nice MICHELLE WEIS shot which comes behind Baldin's back! Assists: Josefine Jakobsen and Marie Henriksen.
    Another French penalty. Betty Jouanny (FRA) two minute penalty for holding an opponent.
    After Baldin's saves comes face-off.
    Danish attacks are blocked on blue line. French defensive is good.
    Lea Parment (FRA) two minute penalty for interference. Teams are playing at equal strength.
    Another good Jensen's save. Danish goalie catches in her trapper one-timer shot from left wing.
    Lore Baudrit shoots from left circle, Lisa Jensen saves puck in her trapper.
    Gwendoline Gendarme's shot is blocked on right circle and Danes are getting puck to the neutral zone.
    Charlotte Densing (DEN) gets two minute penalty for tripping.
    Michelle Weis's shot from left circle goes only wide net.
    Danes are moved before Baldin who has a great deal of work.
    Goal for Team Denmark!
    French chances and hopes gets big rupture! JOSEFINE JAKOBSEN makes fast break and shoots from goal crease between Baldin's goalie pads. French goalkeeper touches the puck but her reaction comes late and it goal! Unassisted.
    Both teams in attack, neither of them is successful.
    Goal for Team France!
    Power-play wasn't exploit, next fast break yes. Lara Escudero passes puck to MARION ALLEMOZ whose shot ends behind Lisa Jensen. Assists: Lara Escudero.
    Team Denmark is at full strength.

    Richard Wagner

    Goals and assists: 3. Russel (Asperup), 23. Jakobsen (Weis), 52. Jakobsen, 59. Weis (Jakobsen, Henriksen), 60. Olausson (Jakobsen) – 50. Allemoz (Escudero)

    Denmark: L. Jensen (Joa) – Frandsen, Gregersen, Densing, Jakobsen, Jacquet, Sanne Jensen, Langsager – Russel, Persson, Asperup "A" – Henriksen "C", Weis, Hansen – M. B. Nielsen, N. Jensen, Olausson "A" – Glud, Soendergaard, K. L. Nielsen. Coach: Denis Larsen
    France2: Baldin (Morin) – Locatelli, Gendarme, Goncalves, Lager, Bouetz "A", Parment, Leclerc, Ridde – Duvin, Allemoz "C", Baudrit – Fohrer, Passard, Bouche "A" – Escudero, Jouanny, Cuasnet – Obre, Vix, Rihet. Coach: Gregory Tarle

    Referees: Jerilyn Glenn (USA) – Vanessa Stratton (CAN), Jenni Visala (FIN)