Denmark – France2 5:1 (end) | Austria – Norway 5:2 (end) | Slovakia2 – Czech Republic 1:3 (end)
1:3 (0:1, 1:0, 0:2)
Czech Republic
Thursday 10.04.2014, 20:00 • MEO arena • Women's World Championship Divison I
    Best players of the game are Jana Budajova (SVK) and Simona Studentova (CZE). (21:57:52)
    Czech Republic won fourth match on this tournament and they are advance to play-off against Japan. Winner will play next year the highest category women championship.

    On the other side, Team Slovakia fall in the lower division. That’s not what they want before this tournament..
    Game over.
    Last sacond's if this game..
    Team Slovakia made offside.
    Czechs are having game under their control.
    One minute left in last period!
    Fast breakaway trie to ended Tereza Vanisova but she missed the puck.
    Goal for Team Czech Republic!
    Team Czech Republic using their power play! Big chaos before Budajova, ALENA POLENSKA took a puck and scored into empty net! Assits: Simona Studentova, Dominika Laskova
    Tejralova's shot from the circle ended on Budajova.
    Lenka Srokova is called for hookin and Czechs are having power play three minutes before the end! Thats very bad for Team Slovakia...
    Big chaos on the other side but Peslarova was concentrated and hold the puck in her trapper.
    Bot not now, fast breakaway ended with Katerina Mrazova trick shot, Budajova saved with her goalie pads!
    Czechs are slowly getting back in their deffensive zone and they are concentrating mostly on defending.
    Today's attendance is 2041.
    Czechs are setting in offensive zone and they are combinating.
    Czech Republic have huge pressure and Slovakian players makes more and more mistakes.
    Fantastic solo action by Vendula Pribylova! She skated through whole ice and she shot with backhand trick, Budajova made fantastic save with her goalie pads!
    Team Slovakia can't get after offensive blue line.
    Czechs made intentional offside.

    Tomáš Hála

    Goals and assists: 34. Srokova (Gapova) – 4. Studentova (Holesova), 41. Pribylova (Krizova), 58. Polenska (Studentova, Laskova)

    Slovakia2: Budajova (Kiapesova) – Balasova, Kezmarska "A", Klimasova, Lalikova, Zitnanska, Ihnatova, Rakova, Turcsanyiova – Srokova, Gapova "A", Lucova – Miskova, Velickova "C", Mikeskova – Henrichova, Jurcova, Pravlikova – Mihalikova, Krajnakova, Muchova. Coach: Milan Skokan
    Czech Republic: Peslarova (Lhotska) – Tejralova "A", Laskova, Herzigova, Fialova, Flachsova "A", Horalkova – Krizova, Mrazkova, Kaplanova – Polenska "C", Studentova, Holesova – Ledlova, Vanisova, Pribylova – Popova, Bukolska, Vonkova – Manhartova

    Referees: Kyoko Ugajin (JPN) – Lisa Huffner (GER), Bianca Schipper-Poeteray (NED)

    Attendance: 2041