Slovakia2 – Austria 3:4 (0:1 after SO) | Norway – France2 4:1 (end) | Czech Republic – Denmark 5:1 (end)
after shootout (0:1)
3:4 (1:1, 2:0, 0:2 - 0:0)
Saturday 12.04.2014, 13:00Women's World Championship Divison I
    With 2 points, Austria finishes the tournament with 6 points, which puts them in a 3-way tie for third place. They have no chance at a medal, though, as at least one of those teams will get points in the next game and finish higher than Austria, knocking them down to 4th or 5th place.

    Slovakia get their first and only point of the tournament here. That's probably not much consolation, though, as they had a 3-1 lead in the third period. They already knew before the game that they would be relegated to Division I Group B. (15:27:44)
    Players of the game:

    SVK – Lenka Srokova
    AUT – Anna Hanser
    Game over.
    Austria has won in the penalty shootout.
    ANNA MARIA BEITER-SCHWARZLER hit the crossbar on her first attempt, but this time she waited for Budajova to go down and went upstairs under the bar for the game-winning goal.
    Nikola Gapova tries to make a move on Marchhart but she gets a shoulder on it.
    Hard wrister from Janine Weber, pad save Budajova. Scoreless after 4 rounds.
    Iveta Ihnatova tries to go under the arm but is denied by Marchhart. Austria goes for the win now.
    Lenka Srokova had a chance to win it, but Marchhart made a glove save. Now we go to sudden death and reverse order. Slovakia shoots first now.
    Denise Altmann ties to go five-hole on Austria's 3rd attempt, but is denied by Budajova.
    Miriam Mikeskova tries to go upstairs on the backhand but Marchhart makes a nice save. Still scoreless after 2 rounds.
    Anna Meixner tries a deke but Budajova stays back in her net and gives no room.
    And she hits the goalpost, so both teams hit iron on their first attempts.
    She hits the crossbar. Slovakia's Petra Jurcova shoots next.
    The first shooter is Austria's Eva Maria Beiter-Schwarzler.
    Start of shootout.
    Esther Kantor attempted one last buzzer-beating shot from the blueline but it was handled by Budajova, her 43rd save of the game.

    Shots on goal in the game: SVK 24, AUT 45.

    Quality scoring chances: SVK 7, AUT 11.

    Power plays: SVK 1/3, AUT 0/11.

    This game will be decided by a shootout. Austria will shoot first.
    Overtime finished.
    Low slapper from Altmann, deflected wide.
    Altmann the wrister, hits Budajova in the shoulder.
    The puck is frozen against the boards in the corner, another faceoff in the Slovakian zone.

    Derek OBrien

    Goals and assists: 5. Gapova (Lucova), 26. Ihnatova (Srokova), 27. Mikeskova (Lalikova) – 18. Beiter-Schwarzler (Altmann, Schneider), 46. Meixner (Altmann), 60. Brunner (Altmann), dec. p.s. Beiter-Schwarzler

    Slovakia2: Budajová (Kiapešová) – Raková, Lučová, Klimašová, Lalíková, Žitňanská, Ihnaťová, Turcsanyiová – Sroková, Gápová "A", Kežmarská "A" – Mišková, Veličková "C", Mikesková – Herichová, Jurčová, Pravlíková
    Austria: Marchhart (Hornich) – Wittich, Hybler "A", Fazokas, Grascher, Schneider, Kainberger, Hausenberger – Meixner "A", Beiter Schwarzler, Altmann "C" – Hanser, Weber, Kantor "A" – Vlcek, Volgger, Ullrich – Brunner, Lopez

    Referees: Glenn (USA) – Inoue (JPN), Visala (FIN)