Slovakia2 – Austria 3:4 (0:1 after SO) | Norway – France2 4:1 (end) | Czech Republic – Denmark 5:1 (end)
Czech Republic
5:1 (0:0, 0:1, 5:0)
Saturday 12.04.2014, 20:00Women's World Championship Divison I
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    And now we'll listek national anthem of CZECH REPUBLIC!
    Czech captain, ALENA POLESNKA, is going for a trophy!
    And now, gold medal is going to TEAM CZECH REPUBLIC!
    Captain Team Norway, Ingrid Morset, is going for trophy.
    Silver medals are going to TEAM NORWAY!
    Captain Team Denmark, Maria Henriksen, is going for a trophy.
    Bronz medal goes to TEAM DENMARK!
    We are going to medal ceremony..
    Best goalkeeper, forward and defender

    G: Klara Peslarova (CZ)
    D: Silje Holos (Norway)
    F: Andrea Dalen (Norway)
    Best player of each team:

    Austria: Eva Maria Schwarlzer Beiter
    Czech Republic: Alena Polenska
    Denmark: Josefine Jakobsen
    France: Marion Allemoz
    Norway: Toini Nielsen
    Slovakia: Jana Budajova
    On the schedule in now medal ceremony:

    1. Czech Republic
    2. Norway
    3. Denmark
    We'll now listen national anthem of Czech Republic.
    Last match of Women's World Championship Divison I • Group A is behind us! Czechs won their fifth match in a row and their becoming CHAMPIONS!
    Best players are Lisa Jensen (DEN) and Denisa Krizova (CZE).
    Game over.
    Last 30 second, game in neutral zone..
    One minute left to the end of this championship!
    Jensen's net is out of her position.
    Goal for Team Czech Republic!
    Czechs are scoring their fifth goal! Bukolska sent pass to PAVLINA HORALKOVA and she scored with weak slapshot from the blue line! Assist: Katerina Bukolska

    Tomáš Hála

    Goals and assists: 42. Polenska, 46. Mrazova (Kaplanova, Krizova), 50. Krizova (Studentova, Mrazova), 52. Polenska, 58. Horalkova (Bukolska) – 33. Weis (Jakobsen, Densing)

    Czech Republic: Lhotska (Peslarova) – Tejralova "A", Laskova, Herzigova, Fialova, Flachsova, Horalkova, Hudecka – Krizova, Mrazova, Kaplanova – Polenska "C", Studentova, Holesova – Ledlova, Vanisova, Pribylova – Bukolska, Povova, Vonkova – Manhartova. Coach: Jiri Vozak
    Denmark: Jensen L. (Joa) – Frandsen, Gregersen, Densing, Jakobsen, Jacquet, Nielsen M., Langsager – Russel, Persson, Asperup "A" – Henriksen "C", Weis, Hansen – Jensen N., Jensen S., Olausson – Glud, Nielsen K.

    Referees: Ariano-Lortie (CAN) – Schipper-Poeteray (NED), Stratton (CAN)

    Attendance: 2014