Hong Kong – Cayman Islands 3:4 (0:1 after SO) | Armenia – Haiti 0:1 (end) | Portugal – Switzerland 3:5 (end)
Finland – Canada 1:7 (end) | USA – Czech Republic 3:2 (1:0 after SO) | Lebanon – Bermuda 2:3 (end)
Slovakia – Greece 3:1 (end)
1:7 (1:3, 0:2, 0:2)
Saturday 03.06.2017, 14:00World Cup (men) • Skupina A1
    With the win, Canada now has 5 points, good for second place in Group A2 – 1 point behind Slovakia. They are followed by India (3 points) and Greece (1). Finland, meanwhile, sit at the bottom with 0 points. (15:52:29)
    Players of the Game:

    FIN – Santtu Sirkkala
    CAN – Shaq Merasty
    Game over.
    44:13 Gingera (CAN) - 1:7
    Goal for Team Canada!
    The ball rolled out of the zone and then it was a footrace and DEREK GINGERA got to it first, scoring the empty-net goal.
    Finland has removed its goalie for a 6-on-4 advantage.
    Penalty for Canada (Merasty – 2 min., Slashing).
    Offside Canada.
    Finland with good possession in the Canadian zone, but they're blocking a lot of shots.
    Penalty for Canada (Reid – 2 min., Slashing).
    Finland pressuring, puck out of play in the Canadian zone with :43 left in the penalty.
    Big blast from Nieminen, pad save Barlow, Canada clears.
    Penalty for Canada (Fortier – 2 min., Tripping).
    Offside Canada.
    Puck out of play in the Canadian zone, faceoff inside.
    Martel uses his speed and gets a shot away, glove save Kuru.
    30:33 Szolga (CAN) - 1:6
    Goal for Team Canada!
    They started the 3rd period on the power play and wasted little time cashing in. BRIAN SZOLGA's slapper from the point beats everybody.
    Assists: Marcus Power, Jordan Escott.
    Start of 3rd period.
    Canada entered the second period with a 3-1 lead and added two more to make it 5-1 after 30 minutes, but if not for Finnish netminder Tommi Kuru, it could be worse. The Finns have shown some skill on the power play and seemed to get a bit of momentum for a while, but otherwise it's been all Canada in this game.

    3rd period starts at 15:13 CEST.

    Derek OBrien

    Goals and assists: 4. A. Pietsalo (Niemenen, Sirkkala) – 7. Kelly (Merasty, Kastas), 11. Merasty (Laurencelle), 13. Power (Reid, Martel), 17. Reid (Kastas), 28. N. Yetman (Kelly), 31. Szolga (Power, Escott), 45. Gingera

    Finland: Kuru (Kuusamo) – Ahola, Kuha, Nieminen, Uusimäki, Väänänen, J. Viitanen, L. Viitanen – Eskola, Juvani, Kangas, Kariniemi, Leppäniemi, Pelto-Arvo, A. Pietsalo, S. Pietsalo, Pohjola, Pukema, Siikavirta, Sirkkala
    Canada: Barlow (Flores) – Azevedo, Babij, Fortier, Kastes, Marshall, O'Keefe, Szolga, Wild, B. Yetman – D'Abadie, Dentremont, Escott, Gingera, Du. Kelly, Dy. Kelly, Laurencelle, Marchuk, Martel, Merasty, Power, Reid, N. Yetman

    Referees: Černý, Valachovič