Bermuda – Lebanon 1:6 (end) | Finland – France 3:1 (end) | Italy – Haiti 2:0 (end)
USA – Greece 3:4 (after OT) | Cayman Islands – Hong Kong 2:3 (end) | Slovakia – Portugal 4:0 (end)
Czech Republic – India 3:1 (end) | Great Britain – Armenia 4:2 (end) | Canada – Switzerland 5:1 (end)
3:1 (0:0, 1:0, 2:1)
Thursday 08.06.2017, 10:00 • Tipsport Arena, Pardubice • World Cup (men) • For 9.-12. place
    The first game of Day 7 is over, Finnish won the battle about Pool A and will play about 9. place tommorow. (11:35:34)
    Best players:
    Louis Laferte (FRA)
    Sami Pietsalo (FIN)
    Game over.
    Time out for Team France! They are trying play without goalie in power-play six to four!
    Penalty for Finland (Arto Siikavirta – 2 min., Slashing).
    The winner of this important game is clear, I think. French still under the pressure.
    Penalty for France (Jess Tanguy – 2 min., Slashing).
    No score in the power-play right now, Jess Tanguy is back in the pitch.
    Team Finland is playing at full strenght, power-play for them starting right now.
    There is play four on four, but still is more active Team Finland.
    Penalty for France (Jess Tanguy – 2 min., Tripping).
    Penalty for Finland (Santtu Sirkkala – 2 min., Holding an Opponent).
    Team Finland with just scored a goal!
    Third goal of Team Finland is coming in power-play! SAMI PIETSALO took a shot from the blue line and scored again – 3:1! Assisted by Jani Viitanen and Sami Juvani.
    Penalty for France (Hugo Dissegna – 2 min., Tripping + 10 min. misconduct penalty, Abuse of Official by Players / Team Officials).
    Team Finland with just scored a goal!
    Scandinavians take a lead back on their side! SAMI PIETSALO took a wrist shot from the blue line, Laferne didn't catch it and ball ended in the net – 2:1! Assisted by Jani Viitanen and Arto Siikavirta.
    Sirkkala's wrist shot missed net.
    Aki Pietsalo had a fantastic opportunity, Team France was saved by Laferte agagin!
    Finnish are in trouble right now, they had to send the ball on the icing.
    Goal for Team France!
    What a surprise in Tipsport arena, France scored a tie goal in the beginning of the third period. ALEXANDER LEROUX was free in front of the net and scored – 1:1! Asissted by Lucas Bacul.
    Finland is playing with suverenity and make combination in offensive zone.

    Petr Dejnožka

    Goals and assists: 17. A. Pietsalo, 36. S. Pietsalo (J. Viitanen, Siikavirta), 38. S. Pietsalo (J. Viitanen, Juvani) – 33. Leroux (Bacul)

    Finland: Kuusamo (Kuru) – J. Viitanen, Väänänen, Uusimäki, L. Viitanen, Kuha, Ahola – Eskola, Kariniemi, Pukema, S. Pietsalo, Kangas, Siikavirta, Pelto-Arvo, Juvani, Leppäniemi, A. Pietsalo, Pohjola, Sirkkala
    France: Laferte (Lion) – Ballet, Bornand, Colotti, Dissegna, Dumont, Favarin, Proutat – Abramov, Bacul, Benbekhti, Capet, Domian, Leroux, Martel, Peltier, Slupski, Tanguy, Wallet

    Referees: Berezitzky, Sakkas