Finland – Italy 6:3 (end) | India – Switzerland 0:5 (cont.) | Czech Republic – Greece 4:3 (end)
USA – Portugal 8:2 (end) | Slovakia – Canada 6:4 (end)
6:3 (3:1, 1:1, 2:1)
Saturday 10.06.2017, 10:30 • Small arena, Pardubice • World Cup (men) • For 9.-10. place
    Finland win this game 6:3 and take the 9th spot in the tournament. (12:07:22)
    Best players of the game:
    Mike Antoniali (ITA)
    Tommi Kuru (FIN)
    Game over.
    Team Finland with just scored a goal!
    Finns score another one, it´s 6:3. JOUNI LEPPANIEMI got the ball on the left and finished the chance. Assisted by Juho Kangas and Santhu Sirkkala.
    Penalty for Italy (Adriano Fiacconi – 2 min., Slashing + 10 min. misconduct penalty, Abuse of Official by Players / Team Officials). Penalty served by Joe Carroccia.
    Another great save by Carlo Bernardo! Once again, one of the Finns was free on the right side, this time it was Sami Pietsalo. He got the shot off first time, Bernardo saved with his pad, the ball then fell back to Pietsalo, he shot again, Bernardo saves again!
    Juho Kangas recieved a great pass to the middle from the left side, shot first time, Bernardo saves with his pad!
    Italians starting their attack from their own goal.
    Icing Finland.
    Italian captain Verrelli got the ball in a great position infront of the goal, his backhand shot saved by Kuru!
    Bernardo had the ball under his glove, but Pietsalo still wanted to hit it, the play was stopped.
    Kuha's slap shot from the blue line hit the defender, Italy in the attack.
    Goal for Team Italy!
    Italians score their third goal of the match! JUSTIN BOWERS got to the loose ball infront of the goal crease of Finland and got the ball into the net! No assist
    Verrelli stopped the Finnish pass while sliding on the ground, he now has the ball in his own third.
    Johannes Pukema clears the ball to the Italian half of the rink.
    Verrelli´s shot from the right circle went wide.
    Tanner Pagendam's shot from the blue went over the bar.
    Italy have a five on three powerplay themselves, they now have the ball in the middle third.
    Penalty for Finland (Jani Viitanen – 2 min., Slashing).
    Penalty for Finland (Mikael Kuha – 2 min., Holding an Opponent).

    David Klier

    Goals and assists: 6. Pukema (Väänänen, Phjola), 10. Kangas, 13. Sirkkala (Uusimäi, Kangas), 20. Viitanen (Juvani, Pietsalo), 34. Pietsalo (Pohjola), 45. Leppäniemi (Kangas, Sirkkala) – 6. P.Giacomo (Bowers, Cerone), 26. Peragine (Velenosi, Fiacconi), 37. Bowers

    Finland: Kuru (Kuusamo) – Viltanen, Väänänen, Usimäki, Viitanen, Kuha, Eskola, Kariniemi, Pukema, Pietsalo, Kangas, Siikavirta, Pelto-Arvo, Juvani, Leppäniemi, Pietsalo, Pohjola, Sirkkala
    Italy: Cusimano (22. C. Bernardo) – Ferlisi, Fiacconi, Verrelli, Antoniali, Cerone, Divizio, C. Di Giacomo, M. Bernardo, Bowers, Velenosi, Peragine, Pulicicchio, Bonanno, Fiore, Carroccia, Pagendam, Dentamaro, D´Ettore, P. Di Giacomo, D´Elia

    Referees: Varca, Sakkas