Liberec – Kladno 1:3 (end)
Bílí Tygři Liberec
1:3 (0:2, 1:0, 0:1)
Rytíři Kladno
Sunday 21.10.2012, 17:00Tipsport extraliga (CZE)
    Even without Jagr in the lineup and Plekanec having a quiet game by his standards, Kladno was never in any real danger in this game. They did what they needed to do to win, but they had so many scoring chances in the third period until they finally scored that it could have haunted them if they'd been playing a more potent opponent. Ageless Petr Nedved was easily the best player for Liberec. (19:25:29)
    Methodical win for Kladno against Liberec. The third period was all Kladno. Apart from the latter part of the second period, Liberec never really recovered from the early point-shot goals by Zidlicky and Kaberle.
    Game over.
    Liberec will have to start thinking soon about pulling goalie for an extra attacker. Time running short.
    Kladno gets away with a bad turnover at the blueline.
    Best scoring chance of period for Liberec, but Nedved was denied in bid for his second goal of the game.
    Goal for Kladno!

    You could see this one coming with the way the third period has gone. Kladno's Eberle finally cashes in on an open chance in front.
    Nice display of puckhandling and east-west movement by Jan Hlavac on that rush. Save made but Liberec is in major trouble if this continues.
    Rare 3rd period foray for Liberec into Kladno zone. No scoring chance, however.
    Last play was reviewed at the stoppage. Bicek hit the post. No goal call stands. Never looked to me like a goal; even at full speed. But he had pretty much the whole upper part of the net open to him.
    Need to see a replay on that one but it looked like Bicek had plenty of net to shoot at on what turned into an outnumbered situation for Kladno in scoring range.
    Liberec hanging on by a thread. Very nearly a goal on that rush. Team running around and goalie left scrambling.
    Liberec starting to lose battles in their own end of the ice again. Kladno has had the better of the play the last two shifts; last one by the Patera line and one previous to that by the Plekanec line.
    Tomas Plekanec has had a quiet game today, but just created a scoring chance from the high slot. Save made.
    Lot of early stoppages of play here in 3rd period. This one was for a Liberec offside.
    Tomas Kabere skated through the defense and gets a good scoring chance.
    Patera buzzed in offensive but pass across got deflected to safety. Good early chance for Kladno in 3rd period.
    3rd period began.
    The goal by Petr Nedved game Liberec a much-needed jolt of energy. They played some of their best recent hockey in the latter part of the period, but they need to stay out of the penalty box. In that period, Kladno won a lot of the earlier battles but Nedved stabilized the game for his team. Still anyone's game!
    2nd period finished.

    Bill Meltzer

    Goals and assists: 29. Nedvěd (Bulíř) - 4. Židlický (Patera), 12. T. Kaberle, 52. Eberle (Melka, Valský)

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