Kladno – Kometa Brno 2:4 (end)
Rytíři Kladno
2:4 (0:2, 1:2, 1:0)
HC Kometa Brno
Tuesday 23.10.2012, 18:15 • O2 Arena, Prague • Tipsport extraliga (CZE)
    Finally puck is iced and Jaromir Jagr called for slashing. Faceoff deep in Kladno zone. That'll do it . . .
    Jagr controlls the puck forever in the corner and finally draws a penalty for tripping by Jan Surcek.
    Play stopped with Kladno putting on pressure and coincidental penalties called. Cermak and Plekanec each for slashing. :49 left in the PP.
    And another Kladno PP chance. Divisek for hooking.
    Goal for Kladno!
    JAROMIR JAGR deflects a shot from the point from Marek Zidlicky on the PP and Kladno still has a sniff.
    Cermak gets called for tipping. Kladno is running out of time and will have to cash in on this PP.
    Jan Hlavac with a great chance for Kladno, but his backhander hit the outside of the post with Trvaj down and outstretched.
    Following a long delay, Kladno penalty coming. Jan Eberle for high sticking.
    Kladno's Jakub Valsky is called for tripping the Brno defenceman in front of the net.
    Now a Brno 2 on 1 and a save by Chabera off Radek Dlouhy, and back the other way . . .
    Great toe save by Jiri Trvaj off of Tlusty, play continues . .
    Goal for Kometa!
    Tomas Malec, cut out of the corner, got a shot himself, and then fed JAKUB SVOBODA for his 2nd of the game.
    Offsetting penalties after teh whistle. Pavel Patera for slashing at Trvaj and Jakub Koreis for roughing. Faceoff outside.
    Goal for Kladno!
    A shot is teed up for TOMAS KABERLE from Plekanec and he scores on the one-time slapper. Jagr started the play from the corner but he's not getting an assist. PP goal.
    Kometa Brno is going to be two men short now for 1:21 because Jan Surcek has been called for slashing. Angry Kometa fans have thrown toilet paper on the ice.
    Leos Cermak is given the only penalty out of that scrum for roughing. so Kladno goes on the PP. Faceoff comes outside because the Kladno defence came in low.
    Goal for Kometa!
    Right after failing on the PP, they score. Miroslav Holec made two attempts to set up a goal from down low and his second found ROBERT PETROVICKY, who beat Chabera with a beautiful wrist shot.
    Kladno's Melka gets called for crosschecking, Brno to the PP.
    Big giveaway in Kladno zone. Zohorna with the quick shot and Chabera the save.
    Melka tries to beat Trvaj between the legs, but it's a no go.
    Penalty shot coming for Melka of Kladno.
    Offsetting penalties called. Tlusty (KLA) and Bicanek (BRN) 2 each for roughing.
    Kladno will get its 1st chance on the PP as Jakub Svoboda is sent off for hooking.
    Goal for Kometa!
    Off the faceoff, RADIM BICANEK lets a big slapper go and it beats Chabera, who may have been screened.
    Roughing is called against Tomas Plekanec, Kometa Brno to the power play once again and this crowd gets revved up.
    Kladno's Cernosek has been given a double minor for high sticking, but that's not pleasing the Kometa fans in the arena any.
    Kometa appeared to go up 2-0, but the play was called offside.
    Goal for Kometa Brno
    Tomáš Divíšek finds an open JAKUB SVOBODA, whose shot beats Chábera.

    Derek OBrien

    Goals and assists: 1. Svoboda (Divíšek), 29. Kaberle (Plekanec), 53. Jágr (Židlický, Plekanec) - 16. Bičánek (Švrček, Divíšek), 26. Petrovický (Holec), 33. Svoboda (Malec)

    Rytíři Kladno: Chábera (cikánek) - Drtina, Mocek, Macholda, Kaberle, Židlický, Černošek, Piskáček - Jágr, Plekanec, Tlustý . Bicek, Patera, Hlaváč - Kuchler, Valský, Eberle - Lukáč, Melka, Kuchejda
    HC Kometa Brno: Trvaj (Falter) - Kováčik, Malec, Dlouhý, Erat, Ja. Svoboda, Špaček, Valach, Žižka,H. Zohorna, Čermák, Korejs, Hruška, Valábik, Divíšek, Doležal, Holec, Hořava, Hruška, Bičánek, Petrovický.