Switzerland – Canada2 1:5 (end) | Finland – Russia 5:2 (end) | Slovakia2 – Sweden2 1:6 (end)
Czech Republic – USA 4:2 (end)
1:6 (1:1, 0:3, 0:2)
Monday 11.08.2014, 17:30Hlinka Gretzky Cup
    A clear 6-1 victory for Sweden and, as many predicted, Canada and Sweden are shaping up to be the two strongest teams in this group. They will play tomorrow in the early game, while the Slovaks will host the Swiss in the nightcap. (19:42:36)
    Players of the Game:

    SVK – Marek Hecl
    SWE – Oliver Kylington
    Game over.
    Yet another glove save for Cibulka, who's had a lot of work today.
    Andrej Hatala with a long wrister, caught and held by Sandstrom.
    Now a wrister by Anton Kalte on another Swedish rush, nice glove save by Vladimir Cibulka.
    Leman the big shot from the point, save Cibulka and the rebound is shot wide.
    More Swedish pressure, Cibulka covers again and we've got pushing and shoving in the Slovak crease, with Carl Grundstrom right in the middle of it. Eventually the players are separated and the faceoff stays in the zone.
    Shot by Alftberg is right on Cibulka, who holds on.
    Joel EK ERIKSON - 1:6
    Goal for Team Sweden!
    the shot from the point by Jacob Larsson hit JOEL EK ERIKSSON in front and beat Cibulka, who had no chance.
    Assist: Jacob Larsson.
    Puck out of play in the Slovak zone, faceoff inside.
    Offside Slovakia.
    Offside Sweden, as the Slovaks are back at full strength.
    Jonathan DAVIDSSON - 1:5
    Goal for Team Sweden!
    It took only 7 seconds from the faceoff, as the shot by JONATHAN DAVIDSSON hit something in front, went up in the air and landed right before the line and dribbled across. It's a power-play goal and the advantage will continue for 1:53.
    The Swedes are now on the power play and it's going to be a 5-on-3 as Michal Roman gets called.
    The power play is now over as Radovan Bondra goes to the box, so we'll play 4-on-4 for :45, then the Swedes will have a power play.

    Derek OBrien

    Goals and assists: 17. Hecl (Zelenak, Ziak) – 11. Younan (Carlsson, Looke), 21. Asplund (Kylington), 26. .EkEriksson (Grundstrom), 40. Kylington (Ahl), 48. Davidsson, 52. Eriksson (Larsson)

    Slovakia2: Cibulka (Húska) – Grman, Vadovič, Hatala, Roman, Zeleňák, Kolesár, Nemec, Šefčík – Horváth, Valent (C), Bondra – Pätoprstý, Sádecký, Lešťan – Andrisík, Hecl, Sloboda – Žiak, Oško, Struška
    Sweden2: Sandström (Werner) – Kylington, G. Carlsson, Younan, L. Carlsson, Alftberg, Léman, Larsson, Kalte – Davidsson, Asplund (C), Magnusson – Lööke, Ölund, Dahlén – Emanuelsson, Erixon, Dahlström – Grundström, Eriksson, Ahl

    Referees: Baluška, Müllner – Šefčík, Junek