Finland – USA 3:2 (after OT) | Switzerland – Sweden2 3:2 (end) | Slovakia2 – Russia 1:2 (end)
Czech Republic – Canada2 0:4 (end)
3:2 (0:1, 2:1, 1:0)
Monday 05.08.2013, 15:30Hlinka Gretzky Cup
    After some more Swedish pressure, Kevin Fiala is going back to the box for closing his hand on the puck. That was close to the crease, so he's lucky it's not a penalty shot.
    After a brief scuffle the referee is handing out off-setting roughing minors to Fiala of SUI and Johansson of SWE, so we'll have 4-on-4 hockey for the next two minutes.
    After all it seems we're going to get coincidental penalties. Pius Suter gets slashing and Nylander Altelius gets tripping. One penalty is over so Sweden's advantage is down to one.
    Sweden is now going to have a lengthy 5-on-3 as Damian Riat gets the gate. They need to get something going now.
    Switzerland's Dario Meyer called for holding in his own zone, Sweden to the power play.
    Swiss going to the power play early in the third as Adrian Kempe is called for cross-checking in the neutral zone, it was also interference. He argued the call, but there wasn't much doubt about it.
    And now, wouldn't you know it, Sweden again called for delayin the game as penalty-killer Axel Holmstrom clears the puck high over the glass. Swiss 5-on-3 for :22.
    Swiss back to the attack after the goal and Sweden's William Nylander Altelius takes a slashing penalty. He seemed like the best player on the ice in the first period but Sweden strangely seems to be coming unglued this period.
    Swiss will get a 2-man advantage for :08 as Sweden's Kevin Elgestal clears the puck over the glass and out of play.
    The Swiss will now get their first ppower play as William Lagesson gets called for tripping along the boards. He doesn't like the call, but nonetheless . . .
    Swedes now going back to the power play as Noah Rod gets called for charging.
    Now Switzerland's Edson Harlacher gets the game's first penalty for slashing. Sweden to the power play.

    Derek OBrien

    Goals and assists: 29. Malgin (Rod), 39. Trisconi (Schlappfer), 42. Kessler (Maurer, Kindschi) – 4. F.Karlsson (NylanderAltelius), 38. F.Karlsson (NylanderAltelius)

    Switzerland: Descloux (Fehr) – Harlacher, Klopfer, Karrer, Siegenthaler, Maurer, Kindschi, Gurtner – Meier, Suter, Riat – Rod, Malgin, Fiala – Schmidli, Privet, Kessler – Trisconi, Ritz, Meyer – Schläpfer.
    Sweden2: Eriksson (Soderström) – Lagesson, Englund, Aho, Andersson, E. Johansson, Ollas Mattsson, Forsling – Elgestal, Holmström, Törnqvist – Nylander Altelius, Karlsson, Lindblom – Kempe, Franzén, Karlsson – Timashov, Muzito Bagenda, Olofsson – Kovacs.

    Referees: Jeřábek, Hradil – Blümel, Gebauer