Switzerland – Canada2 1:5 (end) | Finland – Russia 5:2 (end) | Slovakia2 – Sweden2 1:6 (end)
Czech Republic – USA 4:2 (end)
1:5 (0:2, 1:2, 0:1)
Monday 11.08.2014, 14:00Hlinka Gretzky Cup
    Puck fed out front to Nathan Marchon, tries to go upstairs but robbed by Zachary Sawchenko.
    Canada penalty coming as Adam Musil is called for a hook in the attacking zone. Switzerland hasn't got much going on the power play since the first one of the game.
    Roger Karrer with the slapper from the point, save Sawchenko, then he stops Fabian Haberstitch with the rebound on the doorstep.
    Burst of speed by Auguste Impose, who doesn't score but does draw a penalty, as Ethan Bear goes off for slashing. Power play Switzerland.
    Now in goal for Switzerland is Joren van Pottelberghe, taking over for Tim Guggisberg, who did all he could for his team today.
    Mitchell STEPHENS - 1:5
    Goal for Team Canada!
    Action in the Swiss net again and the puck is fed out in front to MITCHELL STEPHENS, who puts in the fifth Canadian goal.
    Assist: Nick Merkley.
    After a lengthy delay with the goalie out, the whistle finally goes and Switzerland getting two penalties on the play. Makai Holdener for tripping and Calvin Thurkauf for slashing. 5-on-3 Canada to close this period.
    Canadian 3-on-1, Anthony Beauvillier elects to shoot and Buggisberg makes a shoulder save.
    Now Mathew Barzal drives hard to the net with the puck, Guggisberg stands his ground and keeps it out as the two collide.
    Puck takes a funny boune off the end glass, fed in font to Thurkauf and Zachary Sawchenko has to make a point-blank stick save.
    Breakaway Graham Knott, tries to go five-hole but denied by Tim Guggisberg.
    Dominik SCHMID - 1:4
    Goal for Team Switzerland!
    They come back on the next shift and get one back on the rush, and it's DOMINIK SCHMIDT taking the pass and firing it home.
    Assist: Calvin Thurkauf.
    Mitchell VANDE SOMPEL - 0:4
    Goal for Team Canada!
    Canadian puck movement too much for the Swiss to handle. MITCHELL VANDE SOMPEL finishes it with a backhander upstairs.
    Assists: Mathew Barzal, Connor Hobbs.
    Switzerland continues to be under all sorts of pressur eand now Calvin Thurkauf is called for cross-checking. Canada to the power play.
    Lawson CROUSE - 0:3
    Goal for Team Canada!
    Canada with the pressure on and LAWSON CROUSE with the second effort puts the puck in.
    Assist: Nicolas Roy.
    2 on 1 Canada, Knott to Strome and a sliding pad save by Tim Guggisberg. This has been Canada's most dangerous line by far.
    Canada was setting up on the PP but now they're off it as Nick Merkley is called for interference in front of the net. In :06, Switzerland will have a power play.
    The Swiss power play was very brief as they're now called for too many players on the ice. Barring further penalties we'll finish the period 4-on-4.
    Lawson Crouse was digging for a loose puck in front ot the net and trips a Swiss PKer, so goes to the box for the second time. We'll play 4 on 4 for :26.
    Travis Konecny tries to go upstairs with it and goes off the bar and out of play again. :45 left in the power play.
    Canada quick on the counter and Switzerland getting another penalty, Yanik Burren for charging. Canada back to the power play, 0/1 today.
    Slapper from Roy, stick save Guggisberg, then stops Stephens on the rebound too.
    Slapper from Strome, hits Guggisberg up high, rebound by Marner just wide.
    More Canada pressure and Switzerland's Fabian Haberstitch goes to the box for hooking. Canada to the PP for the first time.
    A shot from the point by Spencer hits the crossbar and goes out of play. Guggisburg might have gotten a piece of it, as the faceoff is inside.
    Mathew BARZAL - 0:2
    Goal for Team Canada!
    They keep the pressure up and MATHIEW BAZAL beats Guggisberg with a wrister high glove side.
    Assist: Tyler Soy.
    Dylan STROME - 0:1
    Goal for Team Canada!
    What a shift there, as Marner threw a big hit in the boards in the attacking zone and from the resulting pressure, DYLAN STROME put it in from in front.
    Assists: Grahan Knott, Mitchell Marner.
    Dominik Diem cuts out from the corner and nearly tucks it behind Booth, but it stays out.
    First penalty goes to Canada's Lawson Crouse for slashing in the neutral zone. Swiss power play. Crouse also had an early penalty in Saturday's game, then went onto score 3 points.

    Derek OBrien

    Goals and assists: 31. Schmid (Thurkauf) – 8. Strome (Knott, Marner), 11. Barzal (Soy), 25. Crouse (N.Roy), 30. VandeSompel (Barzal, Hobbs), 43. Stephens (Merkley)

    Switzerland: Guggisberg (Van Pottelberghe) – Auriemma, Burren, Fischer, Frick, Karrer, Moor, Pinana, Weber – Diem, Haberstich, Holdener, Hollenstein, Impose, Lanz, Marchon, Miranda, Riat, Roberts, Schmid, Thürkauf.
    Canada2: Sawchenko (Booth) – Bear, Vande Sompel, Brisebois, J. Roy, Meloche, Spencer, Hobbs – Beauvillier, Merkley, N. Roy, Harkins, Barzal, Soy, Marner, Crouse, Konecny, Strome, Knott, Stephens, Musil.

    Referees: Jonák, Novák – Orolin, Tvrdoň.